Dec 18, 2007
I have

Asus m3a32
4gb (ocz 2x2gb)
akasa eclipse case
750w psu PC P&c

looking to upgrade to (in a couple of months)

+ 4gb (ram is so cheap now, so why not)
+ Phenom 2 940 BE
+ new gfx(4870 1gb/4870x2?) or another 3870 (whichever is best?)
+ new cpu cooler (better designed and better cooling)

I will leave all of the above upgrades down to money at the time, but the cpu cooler is something Im stuck on....

case means I have my psu at the top
cpu socket on motherboard (and the way the pins are positioned) means anything too big (TRUE extreme) will block 2/2.5 of the 4 ram slots

So Im looking for the best cooler for a P2, but it has to either push air out the back or towards the side (i have a 120mm side fan taking air out, so this wont be a prob)

Please help point me in the right direction!

PS. I currently have a average akasa cooler, which is ok for my x2 5000 BE, but its not brill an it pushes air to the top of the case, directly into my psu, which is not great!