Build Advice Best PC build under 45000 indian rupees [for PC only -- no monitor or other peripherals required].


Jan 25, 2020
Hello guys, i am going to build a pc with a budget of 45000 indian rupees, this budget is only for the PC and not for monitor or other peripherals. First of all, please dont recommend parts according to price outside india, you can refer to google to check indian prices. I have a build in my mind - i3 9100f (9000 rupees), 16 gb ddr4 ram (dual channel total 7000 rupees), Nvidia geforce gtx 1650 gddr6 4gb ( 15000 rupees), any motherboard ( i will not overclock any component), cooler master 450 watt psu ( 2500 rupees) a cpu cabinet of 2000 rupees, ssd 240 gb 3000 rupees, 1tb hdd 3000 rupees. If anyone has better suggestion, please tell.

Answer to some frequently asked questions:
Q. What do you want this pc for?
A. I am a student and i want this pc for slight gaming, coding and other stuffs.

Q. Why choosing intel cpu and not amd?
A. I can get any processor, if there is any better processor than i3 9100f in same budget then please tell me.

Q. why not choosing amd rx 570 instead of gtx 1650?
A. The price of both gpu is nearly same in my country but the main problem is that amd rx 570 will generate a lot of electricity bill and i care about that too as i use pc for longer sessions.

Q. Will you upgrade this pc in future?
A. No, because i will have this pc just for 2 years, after that i will go to college and live in hostel, that time i will get a laptop, also i am not a hardcore gamer that i want 1080p all max settings 100 fps, i just want 1080 p medium settings 60 fps. ( i will not play cyberpunk).

Q. Do you do any video editing, streaming or heavy online gaming?
A. I know, you will ask me to advice better cpu but i dont do video editing, streaming and i dont play online games very much, i play online just once a month for about 1 to 2 hour so i generally play offline games.

Q. Why the prices of parts too high in my country?
A. Because these parts are not manufactured in our country, they are imported, that's why they are expensive.

Q. After 2 years what will you do to this pc?
A. I don't know, it depends about the specification of laptop i will get.

Q. Why you said any motherboard?
A. Because some motherboards are expensive because of extra ram slots, overclocking features, etc but i just need 2 ram slots and i will not overclock any pc part.

Q. Can you increase your budget a bit?
A. Earlier my budget was 40k but later i increased to 45k and i cannot increase even a single rupee after 45k supees.

Q. What type of games you will play on this pc?
A. Watch dogs series ( except legion), ac series ( except odessey, call of duty series, arma 3, gta series ( only gta 5), Battlefield series ( i do play online but very less like once a week or month), and other similar games.

Q. Why you said you except cyberpunk?
A. I will not play cyberbug because i dont like sci fi or futiristic games much.


Feb 24, 2020
I dont know what it is like in India at the moment but trying to find any kind GPU is an absolute nightmare pretty much everywhere else!? Have you thought about swapping to AMD and getting a Ryzen 3200G/3400G?
I might suggest a i3-10100 processor.®-CoreTM-i3-10100-Processor-Cache/dp/B086MMRW87
It includes integrated graphics that is suitable for desktop work, HD movies, youtube and such.
Not suitable for fast action gaming.
You may decide you do not need a discrete gpu.
If you do, here is a review of the i3-10100 for gaming:

Any lga1200 motherboard will do.

Coolermaster quality is variable.
Do not buy a cheap quality unit.
Here is a tier list for guidance:
Look for tier 1/2, no less than 3.

Buy a single 500gb ssd. You can always add a HDD later if you run out of room.
Samsung and Intel units are my picks for quality.
Here is a 500gb samsung 870 EVO:


Jan 25, 2020
Currently i will not get integrated gpu as i have some coding and modelling work which needs atleast 3gb vram. Also, i will not go with amd g series as integrated gpu will cost more and i am already getting dedicated gpu so why paying extra for vega 8? Also, is the combo of nvidia gtx 1060 3gb and ryzen 3 3100 good? in my country gtx 1060 is 12000 rupees and gtx 1650 is 15000 rupees. Also, is gigabyte psu good? as its also cheaper.