Big tower watercooling reccomendation


Nov 22, 2010
im looking for a big tower case that will fit a decent 360mm rad without removing hdd or drive cages, ideally im looking for something simple and plain like the lian li PC-X2000 but unfortunately i need to keep under £150 for the cost of the case.
Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full-Tower Chassis Review

Moving up top to the front of the case finds a large rectangular power button to the left and a round reset button to the right. Behind it is a rubber mat that can hold various bits and pieces of connected devices, but it also has a surprise. Before that is looked into, the rest of the top panel is taken up by the mesh area where air can be exhausted by a final 230mm fan. Another non-LED fan, this one has the same specifications as the other two and can be replaced with up to three 120mm fans or a radiator measuring up to 360mm in length.