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Apr 10, 2020
Went to reset this pc, remove everything it then wanted me to input BitLocker key. I’ve reset this pc before, and it did not ask for that before.

So, went to UEFI Firmware Settings under Advanced options to check Secure boot settings. Secure boot was already on. Then pressed reset to set up mode, restore factory keys and also clear all secure boot keys.

Now when starting up computer, it immediately goes to BitLocker recover screen.

“Pressed Esc for more recover options”
Then goes to BitLocker screen,
Then pressed, “Skip this drive”
Goes back to..
“Choose an option” Screen with, the normal: Continue, Use a device, Troubleshoot, Turn of PC

Clicked Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, then..Command Prompt, then the command:

manage-bde -protectors C: -get

Ran from cmd prompt as Administrator to get Bitlocker Key, yet only getting numerical password ID and no 48 numerical digits
And also TPM:
Under TPM is shows “ID:” and under ID it shows “PCR Validation Profile: 7, 11”

Tried all other options under Advanced Options, Startup Repair, Startup Settings, Uninstall updates, system restore (yet no restore points have been made so that’s not going to help).

Right now just trying to get passed BitLocker screens.

Any suggestions?

I didn’t set up the computer, I believe corporate did, so I don’t have the BitLocker Recovery key on any windows accounts either.
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