Oct 15, 2011
I have an emachine T6212. Windows XP.
My screen started to vibrate and I thought that I need to upgrade my onboard video card. I bought a new video card and insert it into the connector. But I forgot that my monitor was still plugged to my onboard video card. I turned the machine on, and it was just like before my screen was vibrating. I realized that I forgot to plug my keyboard and I turned off the machine to plug the keyboard and restart again. That was the end of it. My monitor always showed that "No signal" and it is black. I cannot see anything. Only time I was able to see was when my monitor was plugged to my onboard(old) video card, I pressed R key when booting and, recovery option showed to ask me if I want to format the machine.
I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with this problem.