Blue screen boot loop


Dec 30, 2008
Hi Everyone!

I am new here and am asking for help even though I usually am doing the helping.

I have a compaq laptop (no admin password but user id as admin) that has just started a boot loop right after welcome xp screen. I thought it had all xp updates, but compaq says a repair will not help (need safemode acces to indicate a patch can still go on) and I missed a critical update (took a guy from india 2 minutes to make this call) and I must reload OS from cd. No boot options let be into windows, just a continous loop.

It all started when my cd went missing in my computer then I rebooted. I have tried to reset bios to original config.

Any boot cd's that let me run virus scan are 1 year old and do not pick up anything.

I had to using a camera to get the blue screen error as it went by quick.

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down. If this is first time you have seen this error resart your computer. If this screen apears again, follow these steps: check for viruses on your computer: remove any newly installed hd or controllers: run check disk /f

technical info 0x0000007B(0xf7a83524, 0xc0000034. 0x00000000, ...

I can not get to c: without admin (user id with admin acess not allowed) and I know I can get data off using a a portable hd etc before the reinstall, but does anyone know any other options. Two minutes to diagnose this issue sent me to web looking for hope.

thanks all

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