Oct 5, 2008
I am posting my problem with the hope of getting a sound advice from whoever has knowledge of the type of problem I have. First my hardware;
Processor e8200
board gigabyte p35ds3l
memory 2gig crucial ballistix ddr2 800
zerotherm cpu cooler
sony dvd writer
hard drive x3 1 for storage, the other 2 with both vista ultimate 32 bit

I have overclocked this system at different speeds and they were all stable on prime 95, the fastest being at 4ghz cpu vcore was 1.475(1.44) ram 2.2 volts at 5-5-5-15. temps was max of 63 degrees but went ok. But with the rather high voltage I dropped it down to a lower speed. NOw my problem is about a blue screen that happens quite often when running multiple programs namely convetXtodvd, I would burn a dvd at the same time with nti cd/dvd burner and watch a movie clip at and at times im also running torrent. You may wonder why bionicle, this was because my son was wathcing it and I discovered the blue screen with this above programs running simultaneously. Tried different speeds and different ram timings and they passed prime95 overnight but as soon as i ran this said programs, i would get a blue screen sometimes not right away. The solution; I had to go back and set the ram to the manufacturers specifications which is 800 at 4-4-412 and 2.2volts. with this I can only overclock the e8200 at 3.2 at nominal voltage. My analysis is that the memory I have does not want to ran beyond 800, or am I overlooking something else. My brother is telling me that it could be lack of voltage on the cpu but they all passed the prime test. But with the memory at 800, there is no blue screen. I need some advice if changing my ram to 1066 would be a wise decision so i could overclock faster without the blue screen, or is there anything that i can do about this problem. Or should i just ignore it and ran the programs one at a time because there will be no blue screen but what kind of system is that. ANYONE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oct 20, 2008
Did you test the stability of your memory with memtest? Memtest86+ is alot more intensive on the memory than prime95 is.


Sep 3, 2007
Also run blend on prime to test ram, not just small ftts. Since your ram needs such high voltage I would get different. I haave some budget ram snd I had to up my volts .3 and loosen timings to 6 6 6 18 to get it not to crash.