Sep 19, 2010
i recently turned on my computer and got the mssg...bootmgr is missing, press ctrl+alt+del to restart and as you are prob all aware, nothing happens and it just repeats forever and ever....

i cannot boot from disc or any drive. i do not have the original windows vista disc but i do have a recovery disc that was made when the computer was 1st turned on. ive used this disc before and have had no problems booting from disc or repairing until now. even after going into bios and switching the boot order i still get the same mssg. i have tried restoring bios to defualt and no change. i have tried removing drives and hardware one by one the see if i can get a change of any kind and all to no avail. ive tried all the following...removing HDD, DVD drive, Battery, Memory 1 by 1 all make no difference. im starting to think it may become a paper weight in the next couple days. any help or info would be appreciated!

gateway m series laptop with vista home premuim


If you are still getting the "bootmgr is missing" when you select cd/dvd as first boot and it fails to display the hit any key to boot from cd, then your optical device is not working.
As you say you have used this disk previously I asume you have correctly set the boot order to boot from the disk.
If you have an old bootable xp disk, stick that in to double check that drive is working or not.