Feb 20, 2012
Can you have two internet providers my current broadband's download limit is crap and i want to download all my steam games ... so can I get my own internet which will run at a better speed ? will two internets in one house affect the download speeds of the each of the broadbands new and old ?? THANKS FOR A REPLY :D
You can, but you won't be able to bond the WAN channels if that is what you are trying to do. You would also need competeing services in your area. There is only one cable provider in my area. They won't give me a second cable line, but they will upgrade the bandwidth on my current line. Of course this does you no good since it will be the same ISP with the same data caps. You could get DSL in addition to cable, but you will need seperate modems and routers for them and you would only be able to use one of them as a default gateway on each computer.

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