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  1. Question StartupCheckLibrary.dll Trojan?

    Hello ladies, gentlemen, and other. So, about two days ago I spent a lengthy amount of time with a guy from Microsoft fixing my Windows Updates program. It was just gone, basically. Since it wouldn't update at all and I couldn't download anything from the Windows 10 store. (Found this out...
  2. T

    Question Help, I corrupted my registry and PC won't boot Windows.

    I really care about my first HDD and so I called a friend and he told me that I could just install Windows into my second HDD and restore the registry using the backup OR salvage my data and wipe the first HDD Better yet, I remember having a copy of Linux on a USB lying around that can boot and...
  3. HardAsARockie

    Question Accidental Removal Of .bak File In Windows 10 Registry!

    Hello! Yesterday night, I was aiming to change the name of my C drive user folder. I did this, but then I was logged into a temporary user. I was going to use the registry to re-route my sign in to the new pathway, but as things kept failing and failing, I am now stuck at not being able to log...
  4. B

    Question No monitor output from graphic card with qcode A0

    i recently restarted my computer after about a month or 2 of simply putting it to sleep and now the only way i can get any video output is by using the motherboard video input. the only thing i did was addon an artic extreme cooler before the restart. the motherboard shows the qcode A0 which...
  5. A

    Question Installing hdd caddy in dvd slot on Lenovo V310

    Hello, I'm having some trouble about adding a second hdd in the dvd slot with a caddy. I have two new caddys 9.5mm height, and two good and tested laptop 2.5in hdds (both WD blue 1TB) On this laptop, lenovo V310 it's not appearing to be working corectly. I mean i install the caddy and it won't...
  6. U

    Question Mini RTX 2060 Vs Normal RTX 2060

    I was going to buy the Evga RTX 2060 6GB 2 fan version but it seems the card (11.5") is too big for my case a Coolermaster WaveMaster. My other option is a mini version, the Evga RTX 2060 6GB 1 fan version. Now while the 1 fan version is not as powerfull as the 2 fan one, 1755MHz Vs 1830 MHz...
  7. T

    Question Front Audio Port gives off static while back and Bluetooth audio do not. Help me Please

    Confused on why Front audio gives off static but back port and bluetooth does not? Uninstalled audio driver and software multiple times
  8. TheGRz

    Question Ryzen 5 1600 Build in 2019

    Hey I'm 2 weeks near to my 2nd Ryzen Build. I earlier had a Ryzen 3 2200G Entry level pc which i had assembled myself ( And had faced issues due to Ram which is not listed in the QVL). Now it's mu second build, I'm almost a noob in picking Ryzen memory. This time I'm making sure that everything...
  9. E

    What upgrades can I make?

    Hello, my little brother has these PC specs . On his computer. he only plays Roblox and Minecraft. But he wants to start playing better games. But I told him that he'd need some upgrades. What upgrades can I make? With the motherboard that this pre built PC has.
  10. M

    I7 8700K Not turboing over 3,7GHZ

    Hello everyone So a friend of my has a 8700K and an Asus Z370-E gaming motherboard and his 8700K wont turbo over 3,7ghz so basically it doesn’t turbo. He has a silent loop 280 so the temps on the 8700k are not going over 55°c at max load. I checked his bios settings for intel turbo mode and...
  11. B

    Laptop constantly crashing when playing games

    First I should let you all know I am not really smart when it comes to this kind of stuff, so I have not been able to do a lot trying to fix this issue as I simply do not know how to. My laptop is the following: And it looks...
  12. M

    Motherboard not detecting CPU Fans

    Hello Everyone. I have recently "completed" a new PC build, but whenever I start up my computer I get an error message saying CPU FAN ERROR and it makes me open up my BIOS. All my fans are spinning, and I have tried plugging them into both the CPU_Fan and CPU_OPT spots and nothing seems to get...
  13. K

    Hey so i just bought an gtx 1070 and i was wondering if my power supply is enough its only 450

    Hey so i just bought an gtx 1070 and i was wondering if my power supply is enough my power supply is: 450 watts, autosensing, 85% PSU, EnergyStar 6.1, universal (110V-220V) this is a prebuild gaming pc my computer specs...
  14. fizl406

    Playstation 4 Disk's Cache

    Hello, as my PS 4 500 GB disk is getting full I want to buy new internal disk (2TB). But I dont know which one is best... The first I found has 2 TB and cache is 128 MB.. The second one has only 1 TB and cache is 8000MB - Costs more than the first one So my question is, what is cache for...
  15. R

    Ssd doesnt let my pc boot when its plugged in

    Hi So today i felt like my SSD was running slow and after a brief searching on the web i found an article that was explaining that... and at the bottom was a Software named PerfectDisk and they said that would help so i downloaded and run it. after like 30 min the software has done his thing...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] AMD Ryzen 5 1600, how much voltage and GHz without heating?

    The title says it all, how much voltage and GHz is recommended on this PC: As it says I have an MSI B350 PC MATE Motherboard with AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and I'm trying to overclock it but I'm new to this and the first time I tried without help I made...
  17. X

    Artifacts after overclock attempt, HELP!

    Hey everyone, so here is what happened. Everything was fine, from what I could remember, until I attempted to OC my graphics card. I have an EVGA GTX 1080ti SC Black Edition. I downloaded EVGA Precision X program to OC the card. I read carefully over the OC guides found online and went with...
  18. D

    Playing certain titles and then suddenly my screen turns white and then i have to manually reboot my pc.

    Hey guys so for the past few months i've been having an issue where some games cause both of my monitors to go white then it'll close out anything that i'm listening to music,twitch,discord,etc. after that i have to manually reboot my pc. It's weird because it doesn't happen on all games only...
  19. D

    MSI GS73 Stealth Replacement 4K LCD

    Anyone know why MSI makes it so hard to find replacement parts for their laptops? I'm looking for a replacement LCD for my GS73VR 7RF Stealth 17.3" 4K laptop, and literally everyone shows "out of stock", and MSI is no help at all. It's a simple part to replace, if I could find one... This is a...
  20. MrMortis

    Stuttering issues with certain game

    Greetings, Here's how the issue looks like: It looks like it's caused by GPU dropping down to 0% load, but I don't know what to do about it, since I have done everything I could imagine would be wrong from fresh win10 to many different driver settings. Could be something...