Aug 7, 2003
Having problems with my new set-up getting errors trying to install VISTA 32/64. Managed to get XP Pro working OK, decided to Flash the BIOS.

Its a Gigabyte board, the lastest version was F7, I was on on F6. The thing is now an expensive brick. It won't post, just black screen, and all the fans sound as though they are running at full.

Can I recover from this?
Try resetting the BIOS, if that does not work and it will not even POST, unfortunatley yes, you know have a dead motherboard.

If it will at least get to the first couple of screens, consult the motherboards website for options that may be able to get you going again.

If the BIOS update has failed to the point that the system will not post at all, there is absolutely nothing you can do except obtain a new BIOS chip (if yours is removable) if it is not, you will need a new motherboard.