Question Building Comp for Streaming/Gaming

Mar 16, 2020
Alright boys the time has come. After many a hour in the hard works I finally feel confident to begin my assembly. I require recommendations for streaming games like apex legends. I want to be running stuff like apex with good fps and space to do other things on other monitors. Im currently just running on a gaming laptop which i run into some stuttering issues which I really dislike. I want to be able to alt tab and switch smoothly through different windows and that kind of stuff. I know how to connect cables here and there and its not my first time putting legos together, regardless though im no guru and definitely seek the knowledge of my elders. The price range is debatable I'd prefer it to be under 1400 if possible I could work my way up to that point or further even too part by part of course (im not trying to be unrealistic), just testing the waters and price ranges to see how far I can expand.