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May 31, 2021
Hey Guys,

Does anyone know where to get one of these cables?

Looks like a 2 pin DIN to 6 Pin ATX.

It’s used to power a motor for an electric desk,


May 31, 2021
Any numbers on connectors (either end) or on the cable?

Are you able to take a couple of photographs?

If so, do so and post here via imgur (

Electric desk, motor: make, model information?

Does the cable connect some desk "control panel" to the motor? Controlled functions: Up/Down, Tilt?

Hi I have added photos here Cable.

The 6 pin is connected directly to the Motor. The 2 pin is connected to the power source via a splitter. The other end of the splitter is the desk control (up and down)
Not 100% sure on the desk name though.


Am I correct in that I see only 2 physical pins in the right side (as shown in the photograph) "6 pin" connector?

What that suggests to me is that the circuit is just a simple DC circuit with the current flow direction (for up and down) actually being controlled via the desk control.

The 2 pin connector appears to be designed so it cannot be incorrectly plugged in. Or just proprietary to "sell" replacement cables.

Any labels on the motor?