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    Question PCI-E Connector Fried To PSU

    Last night while I was playing some video games my monitors went black but my PC was still functioning, I know because I was on discord and was still having a conversation with someone even after my screens went black. I restarted and things seemed fine but as soon as I booted into the game my...
  2. vikaskumar2299

    [SOLVED] Has anything technically/physically changed with this kind of monitor power cables over last 10 years?

    I have a 10 years old Samsung SyncMaster 933 monitor. It has this kind of power cable and a monitor input design. Basically it's a 3 pin input. Middle pin is slightly bigger than other two and PSU of monitor is built inside the monitor only: (see Photo below): Photo 1...
  3. M

    Question Is it okay to close my laptop lid with the keyboard cover if laptop will go into sleep mode?

    I'm kinda concerned about electric discharge or something like it because I don't know how it works. So with the lid closed the electricity from the laptop's body can go through the cloth to the laptop's screen, as I assume. Sometimes I can feel the electricity on my laptop's body when I run my...
  4. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] Custom PC Switch

    Hello everyone, I'm planning on doing a custom pc switch that is similar to a racing car Ignition Switch Panel. it requires a little help from an electrician, so I thought why not ask those who are familiar with electricity. To my Electrical engineers or those who are aware of electrical systems...
  5. TheFrostyFox

    Question I heard a hizz sound from my PC when I plugged in the power outlet which the PC is plugged to. Everything runs fine. Should I be concerned?

    I came home and plugged in the power outlet. My PC is connected to this outlet. Once I plugged it in I heard a "hizz" noise from my PC, not a pop, not a buzz, imagine a hizz you get when you open a cola bottle. Just one not so loud but not too quiet "hizz". I booted the PC and it runs just fine...
  6. Caesium133

    Question What to do with ungrounded power outlets that cannot be reasonably grounded ?

    Found out newly bought house has 3 pronged outlets that are not grounded. Apparently they were not grounded because to get to the wiring the electrician would have needed to dig through part of a wall which contains asbestos. I cannot afford to pay for a costly asbestos removal any time in the...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Electrical question for more Wattage

    I didn't know where to post so im just posting it here for now. In my basement (michigan), I just realized there’s a side panel that’s connected to this one outlet. side panel 1 side panel I think it has 30 amp? Does that mean this single outlet has thick enough wire to handle constant 80% of...
  8. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] If a Power Supply is 750 watts, does that mean you pull 750 watts of power also from the wall?

    Title says it, if a power supply is a 750, 950 or 1000 watt power supply, does that mean it pulls out that much power from the wall? To my knowledge I think it's not (correct me if I'm wrong) but if it doesn't then, how much power does a computer usually pull out from the wall?
  9. S

    [SOLVED] UPS: is it safe to choose an UPS with higher values than needed?

    Hello, I used an online UPS calculation for my Desktop PC and its monitor, it displayed that i have to buy an UPS with 1500VA/900W . The problem is that in my country it is not available, i found only an 2000VA/1200w UPS. So it is safe to buy an UPS with higher values ? Thanks in advance.
  10. kwakwagreentea

    [SOLVED] [Urgent] Laptop leaking electric will spoil external monitor?

    Below is the scenario: The surge protector damaged my laptop and the laptop adapter due to I keep plug and unplug my laptop without switching the surge protector off (this is due to my surge protector doesn't have on/off switch) Currently, my laptop is like "leaking electricity" even i changed...
  11. Jamie.baird1985

    Question Cable Help

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know where to get one of these cables? Looks like a 2 pin DIN to 6 Pin ATX. It’s used to power a motor for an electric desk, thanks, jamie
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Static Shock when touching PC peripherals

    I get randomly zapped whenever I touch some of my PC's peripherals. My condenser mic, USB cable used for charging my wireless mouse, and my keyboard with metal frame all zap me every few hours or so. The PC case itself doesn't shock me when I touch it. It's on a wooden table and my floor has...
  13. sandtriangle

    Question Restarting PC and SSD Issue

    Hey everyone, I have such a huge problem with this PC and any help would be appreciated. I built a computer last year in March 2020. Here is the specs. Sometimes my computer would suddenly reboot itself and try to go back into boot. During boot it would keep turning on and off as if it is in a...
  14. spagboll

    [SOLVED] Corsair TX650M bang sound, while off but plugged in

    Hello all, The below has happened: I had to replace my first Corsairs TX650M Gold around month ago as it blew while computer was switched ON, but was making bang sounds while computer was OFF & ON at the mains socket; The new replacement PSU randomly made a bang sound last week, while the...
  15. K

    What to choose ...

    Hello I have a question about what segway to choose. I am thinkig beetween Xiaomi mi m365 pro AND Xiaomi mi m365. I know that the PRO is better, but I want to know if it is worth it.
  16. Gulbis20

    Question Why is my PSU making like electric noise something like crackling/grinding noise also?

    Hello, so it's been few months and my PSU is making grinding/electric/crackling noise like if electricity would make some noise. If it's possible I can add sound where you can maybe try to listen to it. And the fun part is that when I turn in power options high performance the sound is making...

    [SOLVED] are there any apps for saving energy, i use sling so pc is on all the time what can i do to reduce energy cost 8700k

    hi, just wondered if there was some things i could do to reduce my energy cost somew advice or programs apps that save or some ideas on underclocking also was wondering does sleep mode use alot of energy if pc is in sleep anytime its not being used
  18. S

    Question PSU sparked, i saw Spark,but pc is still turning On, so confused!!help!

    so this happend this morning, i was turning on my pc, i plugged my spike gaurd to Ac supply,when i turned on AC supply of my spike gaurd and spike gaurd turned on and i saw my psu sparked. spark was near psu's switch button. i immediately turned off my spike gaurd. in this whole situation my cpu...
  19. Dylan1999

    [SOLVED] Electric bike conversion kit?

    Hey so Im trying to find an electric conversion kit for my fat tire bike and Im just having some trouble finding one for it thats not in the quadruple digits or near it and was just wondering if anyone knows of any good sites or sources I could check out. Wheels are 26" x 4" wide so its a bit...
  20. Subham2

    [SOLVED] UPS making noise PC shuts down

    Recently, While I was playing a game called Ark: Survival Evolved, my APC UPS made the noise that it makes while there is no electricity for 2-3 seconds, and it returned to normal but my PC shut down and restarted. Once more after that, I started Discord and the game. And after a few minutes...
  21. V

    [SOLVED] How can i ground my non grounded outlet?

    Hi guys! I just saw that the outlet in which i plug in my PC has no ground.In fact, just 4 outlets in my apartment are grounded. My question is: Can i run a wire from a grounded outlet to the one that has no ground so both outlets can share the same ground?
  22. A

    Battery or Generator

    Hi, I am looking to run 10 x 240v (UK) 65 inch TV's out of home. Each TV is rated at 140w, so 10 of them equate to 1400w. All 10 of them will run for 7 hours a day 5 days a week, so roughly will run for 240 days a year. I know that using a generator will cost more, as fuel prices in the UK are...
  23. J

    Dropped Portable Hard Drive - Powers On - Computer Recognizes - Shows Correct Storage Properties - Data Not Readable

    Hello everyone! Unfortunately, I dropped my 4TB WD easystore portable hard drive today. When I plugged the HD into my apple computer, it took a minute for the drive to show up. When it did show up, the files took a lot longer than usual to populate. When looking at the properties of the...
  24. T

    Please help me with my new gaming build... Am i making the right choices ? (Also advice me on some choices)

    The part list are as follows... Cpu - Intel i7 7700 K Mobo - Asus IX Maximus - Hero Cpu Cooler - Noctua NH-D15 / Nzxt Kracken x62 Ram - G.Skill Ripjaws V Series (8GB x 2) DDR4 SSD - Samsung 960 evo M.2 250 GB HDD - WD 2TB GPU - Aorus GTX 1080Ti / Msi GTX 1080TI Seahawk X Case - Cooler...
  25. H

    Star citizen is very slow

    So here is the deal star citizen is running so slow my processor is intel i5-4670k and my graphics card is Nvidia geforce 780 oc. I turned all of my settings on low and when i playing i would get 40-50 fps and then suddenly it ould drop to 1,2 fps all of a sudden and just freezes. If someone...
  26. S

    BackPlate for NZXT Kraken X61

    Do I need the backplate for mounting the NZXT Kraken X61 with the LGA 2011-3 platform? the "manual" and all its helpful knowledge doesn't say anything about LGA 2011.
  27. S

    Gsync Monitor for my Build

    Hey all, I am looking for a monitor with Gsync for my build. I have no idea what is good with what to be honest, I just don't want to be fooled by some specs that dont really mean anything, which is why I'm looking for help. My current specs: I7 4790k Geforce GTX 970 16 gb of RAM Samsung evo...
  28. J

    CPU temperature worries

    Hello everyone. I've been reading the forums about safe CPU temps and I'm just a little worried. I've just bought a new MB and CPU (Gigabyte Gaming 3 H97M-D3H and Intel i7 4790). Running Windows 7 Pro. I don't have a graphics card yet. On startup, in the Bios, it says the CPU is already 40-42...
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