Question Can’t connect to the internet through my router


Jan 10, 2013
Hi all, so I just got a new cm500 from netgear as my modem and an ac1000 from net gear as my router. The internet works just fine when it’s hardwired from the modems Ethernet port to my computer. When I plug it into the router however I am unable to get internet. I can connect to the WiFi just fine but it provides no internet. When I plug into the router, the Ethernet symbol on my modem turns red as opposed to green when it’s plugged directly into my computer. Any advice would be much appreciated, I’m worried it may be a bad router unless I’m missing something.

Cable modem are really strange devices. They tend to lock onto the very first mac address they see.

I would power cycle the modem let it fully activate and then plug your router wan port into the modem. You could also try using the feature that most routers have of changing the wan port mac address to match your PC but I would not even attempt until you get very desperate.

You should be able to connect to your router and get into its admin pages from ethernet even with the router disconnected from the modem. You should be able to watch wan port activate when you plug it in. There might be messages in the router log.

I am too lazy to read the manual and see what the red light really means but I bet it is documented.