Can a 360mm Radiator be used to cool an overclocked CPU and GPU?


Feb 26, 2017
Can a 360mm radiator be used to cool an overclocked a CPU and GPU?

I have read that each component needs 120mm of radiator when water cooling and then another 120mm for overclocking. Can 2 units share that extra 120mm?

If so, which one do you recommend?

The build I will be doing will be in the Corsair 460X. I will be getting the non-RGB one as I will be replacing the fans. I am looking to use a 360mm Radiator with 6x ML120's in a push/pull configuration. I will have to removed the 3.5" cage and that section of the modular shroud to do so.

The reason I'm asking this is because the case is big limitations with clearance above the motherboard for a top mounted radiator.

The CPU used will be a Ryzen 1800X.

The GPU used is undecided. Either a GTX 1080ti or AMD Vega equivalent when they are released.
yes its doable--but there are other variables

"each component needs 120mm of radiator when water cooling and then another 120mm for overclocking"

thats a simple rule of thumb guide

for one thing not seen an impartial review of ryzen yet--including how high it will overclock--at what voltage--producing what heat

2 depends on radiator thickness and fpi

3 depends on fans used and fan speed used

4 depends on pump used and pump speed

5 depends on how many reservoirs used--ie how much fluid is in the loop--at least i think this makes a difference though never seen a guide that analyses that

6 depends on the airflow of the case used

7 depends on ambient temperature

i have done it with a 360mm rad with no issues

and even on a 280mm rad

but as i said lot of variables to take into account so no way to say 100% yes you will be fine/no you wont be really