Question Can all DVI-D dual link cables do 144hz.

Aug 29, 2019
I have a new 1920x1080 monitor with 144 Hz, but I can't access the 144 Hz because my pc doesnt have a Displayport socket. I've heard adapters can't do 144 hz (atleast not the ones at a considerable price)and so my final solution is a DVI-D dual link cable. That brings me to my question- Can I just walk into the local electronics store and ask for any DVI-D dual link cable they have to get 144hz, or are there some important things I must look out for?


I have bought dual-link cables before that could not connect at dual-link, so would not say all cables.

Theoretically, the maximum data rate for dual-link is 7.92Gbit/s, while 1080p@144Hz requires 8.00Gbit/s. So while it can do 120Hz for sure, 144Hz may be a little iffy at stock speeds. It happens that there are pixel-clock patcher utilities that let you overclock the DVI--and you really only need a tiny 1% overclock to reach a theoretical 144Hz capability.

Of course it might just work fine, as I have a Kepler with HDMI 1.4b running @ 4k60 which it is not supposed to be able to do.