Question Can Gigabyte M32QC (or any M / G monitor) display 1080i / cable box?


Aug 9, 2017
The title question is a bit limiting. So I’ll restate it.

Has anyone here on Tom’s seen a recent Gigabyte monitor display a 1080i signal at least reasonably well? In my experience 1080i would typically come from a cable or satellite box. I’m thinking of buying a Gigabyte M32QC ($229), based on the M32UC, and would like to use it as a display for both a computer and a cable box.

I’m in the USA and most all cable and satellite boxes here will give you an option of getting output in either 1080i or 720p. With that type of equipment 1080p is usually only offered if the signal is obtained from over the air/broadcast. I am in an apartment and I have no option to switch cable providers or switch to a satellite box or over the air HDTV.

The LG 32GN63T-B ($179, open box eBay, a Costco only model) is also an option for me, but I suspect the M32QC will display colors a bit better and new is probably better.

Sorry, but I’m not interested in getting a smart TV type device. I want a monitor.

I’m familiar with some MUCH older, non-Gigabyte monitors that do a decent job of decoding/upscaling/etc. 1080i signals.

However, I suspect that that is hit or miss and that ?some/?many? monitors will not display 1080i. [ = "out of range" ]

Thanks for reading this!


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The M32QC isn't even a 1080p display, it's a 1440p display, so 1080p (Or 1080i) is not going to look "right" on it. Depending on the model it could be anything from quite bad to simply not quite right, with some blurring and pixel related issues. Better would be to get an actual 1080 monitor, or a 4k monitor which is exactly 4 times the resolution of a 1080p monitor and can scale to 1080p a lot better than a 1440p display can since 1080 is not a native resolution for a 2k display.

All of which of course is irrelevant to the question of whether it supports 1080i, but seems like that should be a secondary concern to getting a monitor that can natively support the desired resolution in any case.