Question can i use two internet for different apps at same time ?

Mar 15, 2020
hi , i have two internet connection , one from my modem and another one from my mobile ( i share my mobile internet for my PC withUSB tethering ) . i want to use my mobile internet for download with IDM and my modem internet for gaming at same time , i want to know is there any app to setting for addressing IDM to download only from Ethernet 4 ( this is my mobile connection name )?
There is a program called forcebindip. Last I heard it still works under window 10. Microsoft breaks it from time to time with patches. People report strange performance ping spikes and lag...but it is very inconsistent.

The method that works better is if you can identify internet sites you want to use rather than which application uses them. For example you could run youtube on one and netflix on the other. It is not that simplistic though it is done via IP address. The command to do this is ROUTE. You want to delete the route for the interface that is not your main connection. When you delete this all traffic uses the other one and you must put in a list of IP to use the secondary one.
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