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    Question pc hardware causing lag?

    Im new to pc bulding so i dont know if my question is stupid or not but i recently built a rtx 2080/ i9 / 32gb/rog maximus x mb and ever since i've started gaming on it (csgo) i'm apparently lagging for everyone except for me. all research says this is packet loss and not lag but every test i...
  2. Question Need help with network setup to connect to VPN server

    Hi, So I've been instructed to connect to a VPN server that a colleague has set up, he gave me an IP and Port and which Protocol to use (UDP) that i should open as outbound connection in the firewall. The idea is that a Linux controller and a PC is communicating with each other in a private...
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    Question In Home internet setup

    ok so I am trying to figure out how to go about setting up my internet connection in my home, I have it coming from the outside and into home aka:fiber/gigabit going into two Ethernet wall ports one in living room and office. My office I have plans to setup a gaming lounge and am trying to...
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    Question WLAN PCIe Card Won't Show Up in Windows in Ryzen 7 1700x System

    Title says it all. The WLAN card in question is a Goldcrest WPEA-113N pulled from an HP prebuild manufactured in 2009 (the prebuild had an AMD Phenom). The motherboard I'm trying to use the card with is an Asrock B450 Pro4 (manual:
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    Question What is going wrong with my subnet?

    Sorry about the vague subject line. I have a main network, provided internet by a modem from my ISP and a wireless router. I then have a WAP( connected to a cisco 1921(don't ask why.) The 1921 gets an address via dhcp from and provides subnet to...
  6. ptferg1234

    Question High ping when Pixel 3 connects to Wi-Fi.

    When I am using my PC normally, the ping on my network stays at a steady 45-50, however, once my sister's pixel 3 connects to the wifi, I suddenly get packet loss and 3000 plus ping. I use a Galaxy S6 myself and don't encounter this once it connects and downloading files on said Galaxy or my...
  7. dutche99

    Question Can't see other PC's on my network (NAS Set up)

    Hello, I am setting up a FreeNAS 11.2 server, which I will be using for a decent speed SMB multi-channel storage server. SMB isn't set up yet, and I am just trying to get the server connected to my main PC over one ethernet cable. I am able to access the web interface via the DHCP IP address...
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    Question What router to go with?

    Hey all, so have a fairly limited budget but am looking at getting either of the routers below and am after some opinions and reasons as to which one. 1. D-Link Taipan DSL-4320L Tri Band AC3200 ADSL2+/VDSL2 Wireless Modem Router NetGear Nighthawk X4S D7800 Dual-Band Router Linksys AC5400 Tri...
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    Question My router-switch not showing up in my main router!?

    hello there, i converted my old router into a switch by following online tutorials, it is working like a charm. the problem is that i cant see my router-switch in my main router. i can see devices connected to the router-switch in main router as wired connections even if it is wireless. thank you!
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    Question Repeated Ethernet Disconnects (Year Long, Minus $250)

    Alright so this is a very long-lasting problem (almost year) and will be a long post, but hopefully, someone smarter than me can help me out, because I am all out of ideas. So, it all started out with me gaming and receiving random lag spikes in any of the games I played. I would also lag in...
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    Question What is faster?

    My desktop PC has no wifi card but I can't connect an ethernet cable directly from its LAN port to the router as it is too far away. So I bought a wifi extender and my ethernet cable is plugged into that. The router is only in the room directly underneath my bedroom so its not like the router is...
  12. Seagod

    Question Port Forwarding not working

    Hello Guys, As stated in the title then i'm having trouble with port forwards. I have setup the rule in my router and my router company support cleared that the port forward was setup correctly. My Default Gateway Ip is and the pc i'm trying to port forward to is
  13. L

    Question need help for equipments

    Hi! My boss ask me to request for a quote for some Items just want to get some advice and suggestions specially with PABX Here is the list: PABX, 3COx100line Ext -MTC (2x20P) Digital LCD 20 Button Speaker Phone -PC...
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    Question Can i convert optic fiber to Ethernet

    My ISP gave me a gigabit modem which sucks.So i wanted to get a media converter to switch from optic fiber to Ethernet.So media converter and then router no modem is that possible?
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    Question I need help with my homework for school..

    Hello, I am working on school work that needs to be completed no later than Tuesday and I have been having trouble with understanding DHCP. If someone could please assist the questions I am being asked are: 1. If you are enabling DHCP server at a client location that has 250 domain joined...
  16. Question Help! Glitching Networking Activities

    Hi guys, So I just built a new desktop and have a huge problem with my online activity, it's glitching everywhere. Specs: Motherboard: Asrock fatal1ty b450 gaming-itx/ac CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 RAM: 32gb Ripjaws v ddr4-3000 GPU: EVGA RTX 2070 Storage: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB Seagate SHDD 1TB...
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    Question High Error Output on Trunk Interface - Help Troubleshooting

    Hello everyone, new to the forum here! We have three switches in our company, one of them is the core switch, and the other two is where our client PCs are connected. The switch core also has an ESXi Server connected to it, where all of our services are hosted. Additionally, we have a Cisco ASA...
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    Question I need help with virtual box networking!

    I don't remember how I connect an access point to a virtual box client [windows 10]. I will be using Windows Server 2012 for my server. I will need to be able to login on to a user client side, this user is created on the server. Home folders and drive maps also need to work. IPs: Router IP...
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    Question nevermind t t t t t t t t t t.

    nevermind t t t t t t t t t t.
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    Question Can't reach some specific sites

    Few sites like :- And few other anime watching sites like animeheaven are also not working and showing same error as below "This site can't be reached" "connection timed out" ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Although...