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  1. alfredjoejr

    Question Error Detection And Error Checking In The OSI Model

    I learned that the LLC sublayer of Data Link layer is responsible for Error Detection and Error Correction. However, while I read some articles, I found out that the transport layer carries out Error Checking. I'm really confused about this.
  2. J

    Question MIFI is super slow compared to Phone Hotspot. Help

    Need some help here. I have just 1 Data Sim. And i have been using it from my phone as a hotspot. Its all good but once you get calls or stuff, it disrupts the hotspot. So i decided to get a MIFI Router. And it became so slow. Like Download speed is horrible. Upload speed seems fine. Stupid...
  3. Unicornlauncher

    Question OMV Setup on network Issue

    Hey all ! I'm new to networking and had just setup a OMV NAS and am struggling to allow access to users on the same network. I think it has something to do with my setup, as I have the isp router combo next door, and I am running the ethernet through a switch then a powerline adapter to get to...
  4. V

    Question Command line FTPS Cyrillic characters

    Hello, Im not sure if im posting this in the correct section but here i go :D So ive been trying to make a batch file to send any file i put in a folder to a specific folder in multiple servers in my network. Problem is when the file name contains Cyrillic characters - it ends up scrambled and...
  5. E

    Question Send WIFI To Friend

    Hi, Is it possible for me to send my WIFI to my friend? His WIFI is terrible and it takes hours for him to download even small games. Can I somehow send wifi to him or download games for him from my WIFI or even send games without him using his WIFI? Thanks, ExplosiveGeek
  6. N

    [SOLVED] ISP Routing to ESEA

    I live in Indiana and yet I get 70-100+ ping to ESEA (3rd party CS:GO client) servers. I have 300/300 fiber from a smaller company (TDS Telecom) and the default routing is hit or miss for example to League of Legends I get about 30 default, (Chicago server) But to other Chicago servers it can be...
  7. prooshani

    Question Combining two Internet using Load balancer to boost the total speed.

    Hi guys, I have 2 Fiber service with the same spec (300 Mb up/ 300 Mb down) at my place. Using two different modems I could Load Balance the Services using my Asus TuF-AX5400 in Dual WAN mode and Load Balance with 1:1 structure. The total output was 540 Mb up and 500 Mb down which looks perfect...
  8. O

    Question Ethernet connected but no internet

    When I booted up my pc today I didn't have any internet, even though my ethernet cable says it's connected. I checked if the problem was with my cable, by connecting it to my laptop, It worked perfectly on my laptop so it's not that. I've tried numerous fixes; Restarting the router, ipconfig...
  9. P

    Question Cant get port forwarding to work

    I have recently swapped isp companies and since the swap they installed fiber internet and gave us a modem and i plugged our router into it and our internet works fine but i have the ports opened on my router but when i check if the ports are open it keeps saying no, and previously it had worked...
  10. J.wilhelm

    Question Router after a switch

    Trying to get better connectivity on the front end of my house. Currently have Modem>router>router but am getting about 100 less mbps up front at the 2nd router. Is it possible to go modem>router>switch>router? This would put everything up front hardwired to the switch, and the 2nd router just...
  11. OzDrDj

    Question Networking impossibility that I can't figure out ?

    Hi There Everyone, Long Bit I have a great question for you all. A Bit of Background, I was running for a long time, A Netgear DGND3700v2, connected to my DoDo ISP Router with Voip. So I'm running Kodi for all my movies. Im getting Dropouts and Buffering So I Run Cables Between my 3 Main PCs, 1...
  12. mmzf

    Question How to use IPv6 when ISP only supports IPv4 ?

    My isp is not well developed company. so they only have ipv4 running their whole system there is no ipv6. How can i get ipv6 for my daily use of like vps or some other network related things. i see microsoft teredo tunneling but that did not help me.
  13. O

    Question My ethernet goes out for a few seconds every few hours?

    I use an ethernet cable on a Linksys extender box. Every time my connection is lost, the box stays on and my brother can still play. While I get disconnected from the game. My port goes dark every time it happens. I have no clue if it has something to do with my hardware or my OS
  14. Question Wireless Access Point - Android Ping Response Time Issues

    Hi all, So I have an issue that I hope you can help me with. I have a smartphone that is connected to an wireless access point. When I ping from the Access Point(AP) > smartphone, I experience high and inconsistent ping times compared to when I ping from the Access Point > a non-smartphone...
  15. P

    Question How to set up a private router ?

    Hey, I want to end terms with my home network service provider and looking to buy a private router and set it up - which I have no idea how to do exactly. I don't know how this goes in other regions, but here you pay for a package deal to have a network infrastructure and a service provider...
  16. mmzf

    Question {{How To}} get ipv6 in windows 10 like linux?

    Can't find any possible way for me to get ipv6 address on a ipv4 only internet. In linux i was able to get ipv6 by miredo, but in windows i found solution like installing windows teredo adapter, but there is no teredo adapter in windows, i reinstalled windows many times but that solutions is not...
  17. tlk1821

    [SOLVED] Is there ANY way for me to apply forms of port security to unmanaged switches?/ANSWERED

    So I am a college student and for a project, I am very interested in whether or not there is ANY way for me to apply port security settings to the ports of an unmanaged switch. I realized that unmanaged switches do not have any sort of interface in which to naturally do this, unlike managed...
  18. B

    Question Ways to get a wired connection from a wireless connection

    I currently live in a university dorm that only has wireless internet access. There are no ethernet ports inside the rooms and connections come from wireless access points in the hallways. I have been streaming on twitch the past few weeks and the overall quality of the stream seems to be...
  19. G

    [SOLVED] Ethernet cable no longer recognised after Windows boot problems

    My desktop PC has abruptly stopped recognising the Ethernet cable that connects it to the router (the PC doesn't have wifi capability), and therefore no longer connects to the internet. This happened after I switched it on and Windows did not boot as normal - instead, I got a blank screen with...
  20. X

    Question Slow browser download speed only on windows.

    Hello, I have a problem with slow browser download speed. I tried to change browsers, but the speeds were the same, so i switched to linux on virtualbox and download speed went from 1 mb/s on windows to 5 mb/s on linux. Anyone know what can cause a problem on windows and how to fix that?
  21. ToroHanushka

    [SOLVED] Downloads stop intermittently but uploads still work ?

    Hello everyone. I just witnessed really strange behavior from my Internet. I just got new router from provider and it works great. But when I play games or download files my download speed will every 30minutes or so drop to 0 and "disconnect" for 30s. And the weirder part is that the upload...
  22. F

    [SOLVED] Is powerline ethernet a good option?

    My router is upstairs but my setup is in the basement and the speeds and ping are bad. an ethernet cable is not an option and I was wondering if powerline is a good option. I have heard its better than wifi but worse than standard ethernet, is that true?
  23. L

    [SOLVED] Ethernet stuck at 100 mbps

    My ethernet is stuck at 100 mbps, every time I tried to change it to one gbps it says that there is no cable detected. I've tested multiple cables getting the same problem and when I test on other devices I get the full gigabyte per second speed. I am a little lost with what the try next.
  24. W

    [SOLVED] Home computer can't ping friend's game server at his house ?

    I am trying to join a friend on his server which he hosts at his house all his ports are set up fine cause all our other friends are able to get in but me only way I can get onto his server is if I use a VPN but I would like to not always have to use that. I'm not able to ping the IP address...
  25. LeifRickson

    [SOLVED] Event Viewer Error Code 1014

    Hello, I have been having an issue the past few months, where my internet connection drops out for about 5-10 seconds, and then it comes back, and every time I check the event viewer I get Error code 1014. I have Xfinity, and I pay extra and have very good internet connection speed. I...
  26. J

    [SOLVED] iSCSI drive and extremely poor network transfer speeds ?

    Hello All, Currently having issues with a synology nas and my connection to the iSCSI drive i have setup on it. I have my workstation and then the synology nas. Everything was working perfectly with the Iscsi drive until today. Running into problems now with the Iscsi drive when accessing...
  27. B

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Tracert

    Hey guys, I am sure you may get this a lot. As of lately, I have been having some ping spikes while playing video games. These are completely random and they aren't terrible, but like all online games, it can be incredibly annoying. I have AT&T fiber with 1000mb speeds. Whenever I am playing...
  28. [SOLVED] HP Procurve 408 power supply

    Hi all, I've managed to pickup a HP procure 408 switch for some homelab testing, etc. Unfortunately it came without a power cable. Would anyone with more electronics know-how be able to identify what sort of adapter I require? Specifically around the plug type? Ideally I can pickup something...

    [SOLVED] Ethernet and phone cables mixed?

    Moved into new house and trying to fix up ethefnet first time doing this I think the ethernet cables are plugged into phone input module and have been stripped View: View:
  30. extremelystressedout

    [SOLVED] slow ethernet from additional router, but stay fast from ISP's router

    Hi guys, thanks for taking your time to look into this post. I am not knowledgeable in the networking area and the guys sent by my ISP to resolve my issue didn't really solve it. Thanks a lot before for trying to help me. So my issue is as below: When my PC is connected to the ethernet from...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] How to DMZ a Mikrotik router ?

    I just bought a Mikrotik router, I am a gamer I would like to know how to DMZ it
  32. John Nagy

    [SOLVED] What specs of internet and pc would I need to host a server with 1000+ players?

    Hi, me and my friend are developing an MMORPG and are looking to get a dedicated server to host the game instead of paying extremes from server hosts. If anyone could help with what we would need with specs of the system and required internet speeds that would be amazing! Thanks!
  33. [SOLVED] 'dhcps Lease host name not found' issue on Archer C24

    Model: TP-Link Archer C24 Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: 1.4.3 Build 201022 Rel.55840n(5553) 62 WARNING 0days, 00:04:38, [dhcps]Lease host name not found. 63 INFO 0days, 00:04:38, [dhcps]Send OFFER with ip 64 WARNING 0days, 00:04:38, [dhcps]Lease host name not found. 65...
  34. D

    [SOLVED] My Desktop will always get half of the download speed of any other device on my home network.

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask, however, as the title states, my desktop will get around 120-140 megabits down, while every other device (about 5 total) will always get the 300 megabits service that i have from ATT. I am currently using ethernet, and have tried the same cable on 2...
  35. [SOLVED] Mi 3C router Port forwarding not working

    I am using a Mi 3C router, and I am trying to forward a port, but it's working at all. I tried multiple ports, but no one is working. I contacted my ISP and asked them about it, and they said they are not even blocking any ports by their end. UPnP is also off. So what's the problem here?
  36. xAstroz

    [SOLVED] Netgear GS324v2 - 24port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch is showing "Unidentified Network - No Internet access"

    I recently installed a GS324v2 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch up in our attic that routes out to over 30 different devices across my 2-story house via 10-15 ethernet cables where some of them hook up to a 5-port gigabit ethernet switches (GS305). I installed the switch back on September 3rd...
  37. mickpat23

    [SOLVED] Connecting 5G Nokia Fastmile router to TP-Link TD-W8970 router

    Hi there, My original set up was a Netgear wireless router placed inside the house, connected via 30 metre ethernet cable to a TP-Link TD-W8970 wireless router in a granny flat outside, in order to provide a signal while in the granny flat. Now I recently got 5G home internet, receiving a Nokia...
  38. S

    Question connecting a virtualbox vm to the local network

    I am trying to move an existing physical server to a vm in virtualbox. I managed to get the OS image loaded and the machine boots just fine. I entered all the existing data into the nic settings but I cannot connect to the local LAN or the Internet. I'm not sure if I understand the network...
  39. S

    [SOLVED] Ping to my server right next to me is too high

    So I recently purchased a server in Dallas since that's where I live and I'd like to get the lowest ping possible, the IP is <<Removed by moderator>> if anyone is curious. It's running Ubuntu 20.04 and even though I'm right on top of it I get 35ms ping even though similar servers I get 3ms. Did...