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  1. FluffyFlounder

    Question Much slower wifi speeds than expected

    Hi, I have a TP-Link Archer T4E in my pc, which says is capable somewhere around a gigabit connection, and my network plan is currently 50mbps, however I'm only getting around 30mbps down and 3 mbps up. There are a couple walls / interferences between my pc and the router, however doing a speed...
  2. DF_

    Working remotely & synchronishing files across multiple HDDs

    Hello, I have a question concerning taking HDDs on the go, and consolidating files. Outline I work in VFX and CGI. I have a studio with two very well-specd Ryzen builds that I use on a daily basis, and at the moment one of those PCs has various HDDs within it that I use for projects; these...
  3. Bobbii

    Question Can't connect to default gateway while connected VIA ethernet. (Other PC's can, including wifi devices)

    So brief summary of how my network is setup and the devices that are plugged in: I have the main router/modem box connected directly into 3 PC's, one of them includes my current one, one is my old PC, and one is my sisters. I also have a box plugged into the jack that lets me run ethernet via...
  4. N

    Question Need an ideal high end router... Please suggest...

    Hello everyone, My current router is nearing end of life and i need a high end router that works for my extensive use. So here is what i need exactly: I have 50-75 devices and will need to add more so i need a router than can handle that load and perform optimally. I Can only use 2.4GHz as of...
  5. S

    Question Powerline Adapter Causing Loss Of Wifi From Router

    I've got a router with a short cable connected to a TP-Link AV 600 Powerline Adapter, which is plugged into the wall. When the Powerline Adapter is plugged in, the wifi speed from the router drops to zero. As soon as I turn the Powerline Adapter off, the wifi speed goes back to normal. I've...
  6. xForbiddenOne

    Question Killer 3100G random drops

    Hello all, My current motherboard has a dreaded Killer networking port on it that's a Killer 3100G. At completely random times the machine just loses internet all around, despite other devices connected to the same network continue working perfectly fine. I've tried disabling power saving...
  7. M1ngjii

    Question I just can't seem to get port-forwarding to work

    So I have recently tried to port-forward the port 25565 for a Minecraft server. I am running a 2 router setup. So first I port-forwarded the port 25565 with my system IP to the router it is connected to (router 1). After that, I port-forwarded the same ports to the main router (router 2) using...
  8. M

    Question Modem and Router seperate, or two-in-one?

    I'm having trouble finding out the proper answers between this question. Looking specifically at these two together: Or just this alone: Is...
  9. S

    Question Ethernet outlet not working in one room

    So I just had a technician from Xfinity come to my home to setup several internet outlets in my home, he was able to turn 2 of them on but the third and most important outlet does not receive an internet connection. It detects that its connected to something but just shows it as an 'Unidentified...
  10. RuslanZab

    [SOLVED] Random Ping Spikes

    I get random ping spikes and packet loss. This happens every 10-30 minutes (every time is different). This happens only on my PC. I have tried: New USB Wi-Fi adapter New PCI Wi-Fi adapter New motherboard Updating firmware Windows factory reset
  11. I

    [SOLVED] How do i fix server issue

    I play Valorant ...used to play Valorant on Bahrain server giving me 160ms average, (Im from Mozambique) but about 3 weeks ago, the server now gives me 300ms average, i tried changing networks, didn't work even used another network provider, so now i play on 200ms Frankfurt server, i did...
  12. K

    Question Connecting to hard drive connected to router.

    I wanted to share an external hard drive among different computers at home. I bought a router with a USB port. I connected an Ethernet cable from my modem to the new router and the hard drive too. I was able to map the drive via WiFi, but what I'd like is to keep using the WiFi coming out of my...
  13. andlex12

    Question Why is my internet speed FASTER through a network switch?

    Why is my internet speed FASTER through a network switch? Test setup #1 Computer -> CAT6 cable -> Xfinity Gateway = 70mbps… Test setup #2 Computer -> CAT6 cable -> Gigabit Switch -> CAT6 cable -> Xfinity Gateway = 95mbps… How is this possible? Same computer, same Xfinity Gateway, same CAT6...
  14. Insayno

    [SOLVED] Ethernet cutting out frequently

    Initially my internet was cutting out completely (would just shut off) for just a second randomly. Sometimes it would happen in bursts, sometimes it would only happen once. So I replaced the modem (It's just Comcast's default modem) and replaced the cable leading to the house. Upon doing that it...
  15. Hicksthemaker

    [SOLVED] Looking for router SBC suggestions for high expandability/modularity

    I've been considering building my own router for a while now and am looking for the right SBC, or maybe even super small motherboard. I considered using one of my old PC's but I want something more compact. I'm trying to find something as expandable and modular as I can and nothing I've looked...
  16. imadarshkmr

    Question Stuck at Obtaining IP Address, Not able to assign an IP address to my access point

    I have 11 router setups configured at my home as it is a multi-floor building. All my secondary routers (10 ) are configured as AP ( DHCP off and Static IP is given to each router ) which are then connected to a single Giga switch and the switch is connected to the main router. I have around...
  17. I

    Discussion Made a pre-wire guide for Home Networking, Audio, Automation etc.

    I made a pre-wire guide for inspiration to people pre-wiring their homes. Thought some people here might be interested. Link to Google Slides
  18. ahmetkca

    [SOLVED] Can i use PoE like a Powerline adapter?

    I bought PoE instead of Powerline adapter by mistake. I was wondering can i use PoE as a Powerline adapter. I was gonna return it. If there is still a chance to use PoE to connect my pc and modem over electrical outlet it would be great.
  19. zerikscythe

    Question Create and merge virtual connections?

    Hello, Im trying to figure out if there is a way to run multiple instances of a vpn, and then merge/bridge those connections. I currently use ipvanish, and it creates a virtual network device. is there a way to force multiple instances of the service and merge those together? I have a gigabit...
  20. Nerdtweak

    Question ethernet over power connector causing interference with studio monitors

    Recently I decided to invest in an Ethernet Over Power adapter to connect my PC to the internet (as opposed to running a really long cord through my entire house). However, now I've come across a problem where I have a constant, irregular static noise coming out of my studio speakers (KRK VXT...