Can Users of Second Router access information of First Router?


Sep 12, 2010
I currently set up two LAN networks. But one of them (Router 2) will be open (no password). Will this create a security compromise?
Can the Router 2 Users access information of users of Router 1? :??:

Modem WAN > Router 1 WAN
Router 1 LAN > Router 2 WAN

The router 1 and 2 are broadcasting different networks and SSID.

Is there any setting that I need to change, or this configuration is perfectly safe?

Router 1 is
Router 2 is
They all have the same subnet and both of them have DHCP enabled.

Thanks in advance! :)
I would assign router 2's WAN a static IP like, Gateway and DNS

then enter the IP into the DMZ of router 1