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Question Can you do funny mic on this C920 ?


Aug 16, 2019
Hello i had an old C920 and it broke and i wanted a new one but i know that they patched it on the new ones but then on this site i saw this wich looks like an old one and it says in the description that it is from 2013 but they maybe still patched so maybe someone that has this model that can tell me. And no dont want a webcam just because of the funny i also use them for school and talking to friends heres link btw

Its a swedish site btw it cost $80
If not i could just refund it but
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I am not sure about the use of the word "funny" - could be some translation/translator error.

For the most part I suggest being careful about the images being shown. May be a look alike outside but the internals may be junk.

Before doing and/or buying anything I suggest that "funny" be clarified.

My sense is that you are referring to some software app that makes your voice sound different. E.g., as if you were, for example, breathing Helium.

= = = =

Not uncommon that hardware devices/peripherals come with drivers and all too often additional software for added features and functions.

That additional software is likely poorly designed and/or coded.

And hopefully does not need to be installed for the device to perform its primary functions and be used with other software - although you may be misled into believing so.

For the most part, a basic webcam should work for you. No need for additional "funny" software if that is, indeed, the concern or issue.
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