Can't decide on which mobo to use


Oct 31, 2011
Ok either a Intel X79 board or ASUS Rampage IV which will have a 3Ware Raid card, X-Fi Titanium, and Killer NIC card installed or go with the ASRock X79 Extreme 9. My concern is how good is the ASRock sound card, can it compare it quality to the Titanium. I need optical toslink/SPDIF output for surround sound at least 5.1. I like to use a home theater system for my system I will be building. Either way it will have a 3Ware card As I plan on having up to 8 Hard drives and 2 SSD's in a RAID setup. Probably the SSD's in RAID 0, and the Hard drives in a RAID 10 or 50 with spares. SSD's will be plugged through the motherboard for full SATA 3 speed.
details are a socket 2011 Intel core i7 with liquid cooling
and two ATI 7970's (or 7990's if they are out in a few months which is when I will build this)
It's going to be a high-end gaming/mid-high end work station as I need to work with 3D graphics for engineering and implantology work with 3 monitors (maybe more) but don't need the full precision of the FireGL cards
If there is a better board let me know as well and why it is better, no hating on other brands "just because". Requirements are to fit two dual-slot GPU's, socket 2011 CPU, a PCI-E x1 and x8 slot for X-Fi and 3ware RAID card. RAM slots don't matter these days as 16GB or 32GB is not that hard to get into a desktop these days. If it can fit another x1 slot for the Killer NIC that's great, if not it is not a big loss. Built-in Gigabit ethernet is great these days with or without it. Plus good overclockability would be nice
Get ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, cant go wrong here.

ASRock has ASUS DNA.
The difference might be in the shorter warranty and fewer features.