Question Cant find Chinese motherboard BIOS VVIKOO Z68 Pro

Nov 5, 2020
Hello there,
Please help me to solve my chinese motherboard.
First I'm poor enough to buy mainstream Z68 Board. So I decided to buy Chinese Z68 motherboard, that is VVIKOO Z68 Pro with Aptio AMI BIOS.

The first Problem is, BIOS is old Ver.02, so I think I need to update that because I have problem when OC'ing my 2500k. The BIOS cant hold my clock at 4,5 GHZ, system back to default turbo bost at 3,7 or if I lucky the system run at 3,9 GHz .

The second Prob is the main of my problem. The official sites of my motherboard brand is not available again, no longer can accesable again. So I dont know how to obtain my ROM bios.

But, when I deep searching in google. I found my model motherboard identical with another brand. That is Jetway HI09-Z. So i view of that sites to find BIOS of that board. I found that... HI09-Z ver. 09. So I get Aptio IV instaler to update my BIOS, and Bommm pops up say "Failed because ROMID not match".

The question is..
1. Did I can force instal BIOS HI09-Z into my VVIKOO Z68 Pro, the two of thats board have same shape, very very identical. I give you sites of jetway board to compare my motherboard in bottom of my post.

2. If the BIOS cant support to my board, can someone help me to mod that BIOS, so the BIOS can fit to my motherboard?

Thank you,
Sorry for my bad English

Sites Jetway HI09-Z

Picture and review my motherboard
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