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Question Can't install Windows 10, get "system misuse PTE" message

Nov 1, 2019
I just built a Windows 10 desktop and in spite of some initial issues, I got it working over DVI via my EVGA GTX 1070 card. I bought my 1070 card used and could never get the HDMI port to output an image. The computer would detect monitors connected to the HDMI port on my 1070 but wouldn't output an image. Yesterday I decided to get a displayport to hdmi adapter to output an hdmi image on my TV and it worked. However, while I had the image displayed on my TV, the computer restarted for no reason and now my BIOS just keeps reloading over and over. My motherboard logo will show and it will just say "automatically repairing system errors", then it will show a blue screen with the message "system misuse PTE". If I try to boot from my Windows 10 Pro install disc, my PC does the same thing.

I have Googled this "system misuse PTE" problem and tried a few recommended solutions. I did disable TPM in my BIOS, removed the CMOS battery for 30 seconds and then re-installed it, removed and re-installed my RAM, fully formatted my system SSD, plugged my SSD and CD drive into different Sata ports, downgraded to the oldest BIOS update and when that didn't work, I updated to the newest BIOS. Nothing I have done has made any difference. When I first built my PC, my older Radeon HD 7750 card did work in my new rig but now, I get a message from my motherboard saying that my 7750 card isn't supported and that I should enable CSM mode. I was using the latest drivers for my 1070 card when my PC was working. I just don't understand how my PC could be working fine over DVI one minute and then as soon as I connect a displayport to hdmi adapter and extend my desktop to my other screen, it basically crashed my PC and now I can't get Windows to install or load. Strangely, when I tried to boot from a Windows 7 install disc, it does say "loading Windows files", but then it gets stuck at the Windows loading screen.

At this point, it seems like my Motherboard is faulty. Even if I boot the PC without my SSD connected, I still get the "system misuse" PTE message. My video card might be faulty as well but if it is still outputting an image over DVI, it shouldn't be preventing Windows from installing.
As the installer disc has the same issue. I'd say start with making a bootable USB/DVD for Memtest86 or Memtest86+. Which is also included in Hiren's Boot CD PE or Ultimate Boot CD. Both of which have other diagnostic tools.

I'd also make a bootable Ubuntu Flash Drive. See if that has boot or crashing issues.