News Chia Coin RAM Guide: The Best Memory Settings for Plotting

Yes, by all means! Make sure you have a very fast CPU and RAM for storing the 'data' created from thin air , but, that no one will ever utilize or access...

I mean, after all, it's 'mining', and, uses less power than 'GPU mining'.

What a scam.
Jun 11, 2021
Plotting speed is not the most important issue for most Chia farmers. The faster you can create plots the more storage you need to buy. The real question is how much you are willing to invest in HDDs and arrays to store your plots.

I converted an old office PC into a Chia plotter. With the addition of a 2TB NVMe it produces 4 K33s (equivalent to 8 K32's) every 24 hours. I fill an 8TB HDD with plots every 9 days and continue to grow at a faster pace than the total Chia network.

I dedicated 12 8TB drives to Chia farming. My low end plotter will have finished filling them in under 4 months.

If you can afford to buy a larger amount of storage then you will want a faster plotter, but for most of our budgets, a plotting machine that comes in under $1500 will plot more quickly than you can afford to buy more storage.

Chia farming is fun and someday may even turn out to be a good investment but for now, Chia is still a bet, not a business. Don't bet more than you can afford to lose without crying, lolz!

Be well!


Jan 10, 2019
We measure the impact that memory frequency has on the Chia plotting process.

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I wish you would have tested how you should set memory settings for a given memory. You obviously had very high quality memory because you were able to run 4000 MHz CL15. However, the more interesting question would have been: are you always better with higher frequency + higher latency or should you turn frequency down to allow reducing the latency. At least high quality motherboards allow configuring the same memory sticks to prefer low latency or high frequency.

It would have been a real surprise if using higher quality RAM wouldn't have increased the performance. However, the higher frequencies in this test used RAM that's 2-3x the price of the cheaper parts and that still got you 15-45% performance increase.
Aug 28, 2021
the plot times make no sense. I was hopingto get some insight into the Madmax plot settings. I have a Minisforum AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G 16GB RAM, 2TB SSD and 1TB NVME, I get 1 plot every 72 mins. The DDR4 RAM is only 2400MHz. My Madmax settings are r 8 u 256. If I run 2 plots at the same time both plots take more than twice as long. I ended up running 1 plot at a time.