CM Storm Trooper Fan Controller Problem


Apr 22, 2012
My system is up and running. fans are powered and operational, and all my leds and ports on the front are working but the fan controller isn't working at all. It was working when i first powered the system on, now it doesn't. Has the LEDs stating it's on max and i can tell it is, but i can't get it to work for me now. what should I check?
check the + or minus button hasnt got stuck

if you still cant fix it email coolermaster

usually they send you a new part free

at least they did with my haf x when the sata hot dock broke--they also gave me a free usb 3.0 upgrade kit

couldnt fault their support in the uk--came from holland within a couple of days


Feb 16, 2012
A couple things I would check. First take the top cover off (refer to the user manual if you're not sure how to do it) and double check all your connections. Check that the main 4pin power connector hasn't come loose and double check that all your I/O connections are secure. The fact that it worked before leads me to think that something has either shorted or come loose. What size PSU? I wouldn't use anything less than a 550W with that case. Its a beast!!!!!