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Discussion Combining quantum dots, mini-LED and dual-layer technology on LCD?

Ronald Sterijuanna

Jun 2, 2015
Pardon me of discussions such as this is not appropriate for this forum
Since one of the primary aspects LCDs are falling behind compared to OLEDs is contrast ratio, why not tv manufacturers try to combine all of the aforementioned techs in one TV. Issues of dual-layer tech such as thickness and brightness can be countered with recent Vidrian mini-LED tech from TCL which delivers brighter image while making the dual-layer TVs thinner, and as the production of LCD panels is really cheap right now and will get cheaper in the future, the cost of combining 2 panels will keep being less and less of an issue. If the manufacturers can somehow make such a TV as power-efficient as current TVs, there should be nothing technologically preventing us from enjoying LCDs with the wide color gamut of quantum dots and black levels comparable to OLEDs while eliminating all its drawbacks. What do you guys think?
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