couple things are diffrent between the dual cores and the duos main thing is the duals were built on 65nm technology duos are built on 45nm and yes smaller is better second is front side bus on duals were all 800mhz i beleive i think there might have been one that was 1066 but i dont thinks so and third has diffrent instructions for the cpu to use in tasks. Core 2 duos are 1066 or 1333 mhz fsb and 45 nm so duos are definatly better then dual core. A real shady Dual core was the pentium D series now those dual cores were just 2 pentium 4 slapped on one die hence they sucked. Any more Question which im sure u do have ask away


Feb 17, 2008
Maybe he is referring to Pentium Dual Core vs Core2Duo.

Pentium Dual Cores are just lower end versions of Core2Duo. They are based on the same architecture but the Pentium Dual Cores have less cache and lower FSB.

In contrast to what saaiello said, Pentium Dual Cores and Core2Duos both come in 65nm and 45nm flavors.

Here are list of the core2duos pentium dual cores: