Question Compatability of a 240mm AIO in the Fractal Design Meshify C


Sep 4, 2017
I plan on building a new computer with an 8700k which i would need an aio to cool in the Meshify C. I also have selected the Trident Z RGB ram sticks which stand at 44mm high. I just read that for a top radiator the ram or other mobo components must not exceed 40mm. Do you know if i will be able to fit an aio (240mm Corsair H100i RGB Plat.) or other competent cooler in the front of the case. i plan on getting one of the new 2070 super cards on release. Or would you suggest another method of cooling my 8700k. Thanks!


Yes, a Noctua D15 or D15s (the s is off center for better RAM clearance).
Itll perform better or same as the AIO and theres nothing to go wrong on it (noctua fans dont fail, they guaranteed for 6 years anyway).

AIOs will gunk up, they can leak and pumps eventually fail. In years to come and socket changes in a future CPU, noctua will send you an updated mount for free anywhere in world.

Also, if you have any other questions regarding your case, dont hesitate to ask Fractal. Youve chosen a great case manufacturer. Forget the AIO.