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  1. D

    [SOLVED] Stock open-air 3 fan VS 120mm Aftermarket AIO GPU cooler

    I've got a question for you guys, expert or anthusiast, or maybe you just happen to know the answer to my question So I've decided to get a 3080 Ti, due to various reason, but mostly because on my area the lower cards (3070 Ti, 3070, 3060Ti) are being sold higher than MSRP, and I just happen to...
  2. teeteemo

    Question Is AORUS WATERFORCE X 360 AIO good?

    Hi I'm building a new PC, my first choice for cooler is Noctua NH-D15, but when we try to put the cooler, there is not enough clearance with the case and the RAM, so I'm planning to switch to AIO, is this AORUS WATERFORCE X 360 AIO good? any problems with this AIO? (Cooling? Performance?)...
  3. Question MSI AIO Not Cooling Correctly

    Hi all! I was wondering if I can get some advice/help. Recently, my MSI MAG CORELIQUID 240R that I've had for 2 years has been...not working correctly. I am a video editor and I also built my PC. I got a Asus Tuf Gaming x570 with a Ryzen 5900x, 64GB's Corsair Vengeance 3200 RAM, and a Gigabyte...
  4. H

    Question ASUS B560m Cougar AIO Radiator Fan Question

    Hello guys, Got a weird one for you. So, in a nutshell, my PC has the following fan setup: 3X Chassis Fans attached to the front side of the case 1x Chassis Fan attached to the back (basically the exhaust fan) AIO Radiator Fans on top. So, a couple of days ago the Chassis Fans (3x) started...
  5. Kuplungúr

    Question AIO cooler speed change after BIOS update

    Hi! My friend has an ASUS ROG strix Z390-H gaming board and a Cooler Master ML 240 RGB AOI-type CPU cooler. The cooler is placed on the front panel with the pump cables on the top of the cooler segment. Now the thing is that his MB works very weird and I suggested that most of his issues...
  6. E

    Question RGB not illuminating on ASUS TUF AIO Pump ?

    Hello friends, I just replaced a failing AIO liquid cooler on an iBUYPOWER prebuilt system, and everything works fine except the aRGB on the new pump won't illuminate. The pump is powered by the AIO header on the motherboard, and its 3-pin aRGB plug is connected to an included 2-to-1 splitter...
  7. R

    Question Deepcool Castle 240 rgb v2 AIO not showing in software.

    I installed deepcool castle 240 rgb v2 aio on Asus rog strix b560 f gaiming motherboard and I connected the Aio to the PSU Sata port with the controller. Now the aura sync software is not showing the Aio. I am now not able to control the light with the software. Please give me a solution.
  8. P

    Question AIO Water cooling power supply

    Do AIO water cooling systems require connection to the Power Supply, or do they get their power from the motherboard? My motherboard is the ASUS Z590-PLUS TUF GAMING WIFI I think by referring to the manual I can just connect one to both the CPU_FAN and the CPU_OPT FAN? And also the AIO_PUMP?
  9. Triosoft

    Question I bought a new AIO cooler, and the lights aren't working.

    I got a corsair H100i rgb PRO cooler for my system, since my old cooler was starting to break. I installed everything to my prior knowledge and making sure with the booklet the component came with. However, when i turned the pc on the cooler lights did not turn on and my pc said the pump...
  10. A

    Question AIO "buzzing" noises when idle and under load

    Hi there I bought a pre-built last year, the ASUS ROG Strix GA35 during a sale. Recently I have noticed a "buzzing" noise coming from the AIO cooler, I'm not sure if it's coming from the pump or radiator. It also makes a different noise under load, it's kind of buzzing/clicking intermittently...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Best way to connect AIO/Fans ?

    Hey guys! So I bought an Ekwb Elite 360 and i'm planning to connect all the fans to the included hub. I'm not gonna put the 6 fans in the front, i'm going to substitute the ones i have now, 3front 2top 1 rear. The main question which i'm reading a lot about is... Which is the best way to connect...
  12. Zengo1K

    [SOLVED] AIO not working properly ?

    Hi, i hope everyone is doing good! Recently i was noticing that my computer was getting hot, so i downloaded HWmonitor to see what my temps were, and i found out my CPU was hitting 50c - 60c while being IDLE and in Cinebench R20 85c - 90c and playing video games 66c - 73c doing some research...
  13. E

    Question My AIO Liquid Cooler is making voices like it is cutting something

    Guys i bought my case like 7 months ago and there wasn't any problem but last days my AIO cooler started to make sounds like it is cutting something i stopped all fans in my case but it was'nt from the fans can someone help me what can it be?
  14. RamenAllDay

    Question AIO Noise hell?

    I have a Lian Li Galahad 360 AIO. Front mounted. I've been getting this wierd noise every time I boot up the pc. I have no idea whats causing it and no matter what I do it always makes this noise. I've tried top mounting it, tilting my pc side to side to free up air bubbles, everything. I'm...
  15. N

    Question Arctic Freezer II 240mm AIO on the 11700k ? Will it give me decent temps ?

    I recently imported a prebuilt pc due to customs my only option was to buy MSI aegis. As expected the CPU temps were off the charts, even started crashing so after a bit of research on Reddit and youtube I decided to import the FUMA 2 for my intel i7 11700k. It handles it well, but temps are...
  16. Phlayz

    Question Is my AIO pump dying?

    I have a new AIO (Arctic freezer II 280mm) its been working fine. First it was front mounted with the pipes down and the radiator was higher then the pump, now it is top mounted. It was working good but now theres a sound in the pump, not always but in intervals and I can only hear ot when the...
  17. B

    Question BIOS says my AIO fans are on zero RPM ?

    Hey, I recently got my pc like 3 weeks ago, from the starting i have been wondering that my AIO fans are connected with Pwm header, i can change its light, its speed but in bios and other hardware monitoring software it says Zero RPM, It is aslo hapenning with my case fans, i dont think they are...
  18. H

    Question NZXT Kraken m22 100c Temps

    Hi All, My NZXT Kraken m22 temps go high as 100c when playing games like RDR 2, Battlefield V. Valorant, and GTA V temps are around 80-85c. Could you please tell me how to overcome this? Please consider the below points. My previous M22 started to produce a crackling noise and the warranty...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] A question regarding AIO pump

    Hey, i have a question. my pc is on at least 15 hours a day so reducing my AIO pump speed would help it last long? i am very new to this, this is my first ever build so sorry if its a silly question
  20. luke14567

    [SOLVED] aio not cooling cpu

    Throughout the past week my cpu temperatures have been going extremely high sometimes even up into the 90s after weeks of it being around 30-40 on idle and 60 after gaming for hours. I currently have an arctic II freezer 360 after replacing my lian li gallahad because i had the same issue with...
  21. Banqu0

    [SOLVED] SATA Power for AIO pumps?

    I'm Building a new rig and am opting for an AIO on account of not wanting a heavy cooling unit on the motherboard which may cause damage when moved. There are 2 that I am considering. The Corsair Hydro Series H60 and the be quiet! BW005 Pure Loop 120mm. Both coolers come with SATA power...
  22. F

    Question Kraken X73 AIO - CPU overheating once every 1-4 weeks on boot

    I got brand new build with a Kraken X73. It runs perfectly fine with an average of 33c idle and like 55c on load when gaming or running Cinebench. But then occasionally every 1-4 weeks (3 times so far) when the PC has been turned off for more than 10hrs and the room temp is around 14-16c it will...
  23. Higg000

    [SOLVED] Ive got a new AIO and my pump rate is staying at 0 RPM

    Hey I recently bought I new AIO because I thought mine had finished its life cycle. But I've connected this new AIO (H100i Elite) and I'm reaching 100c temps in my BIOS... my motherboard is is Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X 1.1. The mounted fans on my AIO are spinning and showing RGB as well as the...
  24. D

    [SOLVED] Can you use an AIO with a GPU?

    Hi, i just wanted to post a quick question. I would like to watercool my R9 290x for potential amazing overclocking and better temperatures. However, i have one CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240R RGB and would like to disassemble it to use the radiator and the pump for cooling. However, this is...
  25. L

    [SOLVED] I ordered an arctic freezer II on amazon, does it come with the 1700 bracket?

    On amazon they say "order 1700 kit seperately" but on the official manufacturers site they say "kit included". Is the mounting bracket a seperate thing that they would ship to amazon or would they lut it in the box with the cooler? Do i have any chance of getting the bracket anyway?
  26. W

    Question Need help getting a x470 waterblock adapter

    I just got a brand new aio from coolermaster and I needed the adapter piece so I could mount the cooler to my cpu, however when I went to go get the piece out of my motherboard box I learn my dad had thrown all of it away without telling me or getting the pieces out. I looked around for the...
  27. madfad

    [SOLVED] one of my aio fans isnt working

    i got a h100i elite capellix for Christmas, i have installed it everything is plugged in but one fan isn't working, it wont spin but the rgb is on (the fan is just barley touching the ram) so can someone please tell me how to fix this ( i've unplugged it and re plugged it
  28. C_L3622

    [SOLVED] AIO Cooler making weird noises

    I've had this cooler for at least a year, and have not noticed this beforehand until now. I realized whenever I turn my computer on or have it on idle, there is this very audible "slapping" sort of sound happening in my radiator, it's becoming both irritating and concerning for me because I...
  29. X

    [SOLVED] Should I use my old cooler or buy a new one?

    So I am buying a new CPU (i5-10600k) and currently I have a NZXT Kraken M22 AIO. I originally had a cooler master 212 evo when I built my computer 3 years ago and I changed to the nzxt about a year ago and I would like to change back to air cooling, but should I buy a new cooler master 212 or...
  30. C

    Question PC wont boot after AIO and case fan install.

    Hello. Last night I installed a new Aio cooler and replaced my case fans. Went to turn my pc back I had power to usb components but the system wouldn’t boot. Im not very experienced with pc hardware. My system was running hot figured i would replace the fans. Installation was fairly easy. Not...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] CPU consistently at 80-90 C, need help troubleshooting my AIO

    Recently, I have been having issues cooling my CPU (Ryzen 7 5800X) even when running minimal workloads at normal clock speed (3.8GHz). I have a MAG Coreliquid 360R fastened to the top of my pc case, with three intake fans on the front, and one exhaust fan on the back. I tried reapplying thermal...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] My i9 10900K with MSI 360R AIO spikes to 100 C

    Hello everyone, I built my first desktop PC 4 months ago. Everything was normal until a week ago. Since a week I get pretty high CPU temperatures with 360mm liquid cooler. When I brought my PC to the IT technical support office, technicians checked the components up and replaced the thermal...
  33. frogs114

    [SOLVED] Case airflow - High CPU temps *apparent* low AIO airflow?

    Hey all. I recently upgraded my system to a 5900X and have been running some benchmarks. I have been running at about 84 degrees C during these tests and I am a little worried. I havent seen this high of temps regularly and my 3700x seemed like it was doing just fine. I've attached a quick...
  34. D

    [SOLVED] High CPU Temps Ryzen 3600xt With MSI 240R AIO

    Hello, I have been having issues with what I think are high CPU temps in my PC. In a room that is at about 20'C, I am usually seeing idle temps (all programs closed) of about 50-60'C, closer to 70'C with a web browser, discord and productivity stuff open and usually well above 80'c while...
  35. Z

    Question Does this sound mean my AIO is "dead"?

    Hey everyone, I built a new pc roughly 8 months ago. At first there were no issues but as time went I started having coz overheating issues. After some cleanup and windows reinstall it was fixed for while but now started once again, worse than ever. Cpu is around 50-60 C while idle but once...
  36. I

    Question AIO pump makes weird noise when booting up

    my pump makes this weird noise when i first turn on my computer. it goes away and it doesn't happen again once the computer is fully booted up. the pump is powered by the motherboard header labeled as CPU_OPT. I set CPU_OPT to max to have the pump speed run at its max rpms. the radiator is...
  37. Dragoshi

    Question Help Installing new Cooling System

    Hello, I'm having some problems with the cooling system that came with my iBuyPower PC. It's a Gaming ELIBG101, and the specs are as following: Case: iBUYPOWER Element PRO ARGB Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-9700F Processor (8x 3.00GHz/12MB L3 Cache) Motherboard: ASRock B365M IB-R Memory: 16GB...
  38. phoub

    Question 7 fans operating, only 3 lit.

    I recently bought the ML360 AiO and 4 matching MF120 Halo fans from Coolermaster, and it came with this controller with 3 slots. On the other side is the SATA and USB ports. I previously had them plugged directly into my mobo (MSI B550M), but the MSI software to customise the RGBs was lacking...
  39. A

    [SOLVED] Fan, Pump and Motherboard Question Combo!

    Hi guys, I am about to be installing my first ever AIO, so naturally, I have a lot of questions. I have looked up a lot and found answers so I know how I am going to mount it etc. The AIO will be the Silent Loop 2 240mm by be quiet!. I currently have this (...
  40. [SOLVED] CPU overheating

    Hello guys, I have the setup down below. The proccessor is i5-10400F After a year of using this, the CPU start getting 100 grade celsius in idle. I changed the thermal paste (Arctic MX-5) and for three days the temperature lowered to 60-70 while gaming and ~30 idle. But after the 4th day...