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    [SOLVED] Should i clean the Thermal paste of or leave it on?

    I have to send my AIO for repair but I don't know what to do about the thermal paste should I leave it on the cpu till i get my AIO back then clean it or just clean it of straight away?
  2. H

    Question miniUSB to 3-pin + satapower = cable powering Antec M240 AIO Cooler's pump

    Hello. I have Antec M240 and I need a replacement cable to power the pump. I need help understanding this cable design, because I can't find anything like that. Would the pump work with miniUSB to USBfemale to USB to satapower? Or does anyone have an idea how can I power the pump without the...
  3. D

    Question High Temps on i7 6700k with h100i v2

    Hi everyone. My i7 6700k @ 4.2 GHz is idling at 35 to 45 degrees Celsius with chrome and intel extreme tuning utility open. This isn't very high at all, but when I benchmark it with IETU, it goes up to the high 90s and thermal throttles. It is only running at 4.2 GHz. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. S

    Question If I buy this AIO CPU Cooler, will it fit the front top of my PC super tower case or its TOO BIG?

    Hello all, I am looking to buy this AIO CPU Cooler by Enermax: I have this Super Tower PC Case by Thermaltake...
  5. G

    Question 240/360mm aio for ryzen 5 2600x

    I want to try a aio (again) to get better temps on my ryzen 5 2600x, atm 4.10ghz at 1.38125 volt, could be interesting to try 4.2ghz I can manage 76c in prime 95 fft but as demands increase and it's summer i would like something like a 240mm or even 360mm in the front of my define r6 reading...
  6. S

    Question What is the biggest AIO CPU cooler I can buy for my new Super Tower Case? Does bigger radiator = lower CPU temperatures vs smaller radiators?

    Hello all, I recently bought this Super Tower PC case by Thermaltake: I have a 9900k CPU and currently have this air cooler rated at 230W...
  7. Johnny5

    Giveaway! Cooler Master Builder's Bundle Giveaway

    Enter for your chance to win the Cooler Master Builders Bundle Up for grabs is the unusually compact MasterBox Q500L full-ATX computer case, ML240R RGB AIO Cooler, MWE Gold 650 Full Modular PSU, MM531 gaming mouse, and the MK730 gaming keyboard. We teamed up with our friends at Cooler Master...
  8. Vishal_7

    [SOLVED] Need help in selecting a good CPU AIR cooler at budget price in India

    HI everyone, I built a entry level rig with specs as follows: CPU: RYZEN 3 2200G [3.725Ghz/ 1.330 VOLTAGE] GPU: INTEGRATED VEGA GPU [ 1320MHz ] with 1.25V RAM: CORSAIR 8GBX2 SINGLE RANK 2933MHz 16-20-20-38 TIMINGS @ 1.35V SSD: ADATA SU650 480GB MOTHERBOARD: MSI B450M PRO-VDH SMPS/PSU...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to leave my AIO not running for 2 weeks?

    The reason is that I'm in holidays for about 2 weeks, which means I have zero access to my PC. So my question is, would it be safe to leave my AIO for a fortnight? Would the additives etc. start to settle on the bottom if left for too long? And would it become prone to leaks?
  10. J

    Question AIO not showing up in aura sync

    I installed a captain 240ex rgb and the lights breathe blue by default. Its connected to an rgb header on my mobo (x470 prime pro) but aura sync doesnt give an option to edit the rgb. Plz help.
  11. H

    Question Installing DeepCool Gammaxx L240

    Hi, I am completely new to AIO Liquid Coolers. I bought a deepcool gammaxx l240 however I am confused with the cables. the pump and fans have 2 sets of cables each. I was just informed one is for power and one is for rgb. I am completely lost where to plug those connectors. I am using tuf z390...
  12. P

    Question ML240R vs Gammax L240, which has the better price to performance ratio?

    I'm looking to buy an AIO before summer starts to upgrade my stock amd cooler. These two are the ones that are within my buget range although ml240r is a bit more expensive. Looking for some advice on which to pick.
  13. E

    Question Vega 64 high hotspot temperature with liquid cooler

    I have a vega 64 with eiswolf 120 aio for vega and my gpu temperature is quite low, but my hotspot is 50 celsius above core when under load. I have reapplied the cooler 5 times already and it lowers my gpu clock a lot whenever the hotspot reaches around 100c.
  14. M

    Build Advice a mistake for AIO water cooling

    I strongly advise you to read manuals of your AIO water cooler before doing this (I used Corsair H100i V2). this is the mistake that i made as a newbie and now found my stupid mistakes. If the manual says to plug pump cable into CPU_FAN header you should just do that. ignore PUMP header...
  15. B

    Question Corsair H110 mounting kit on Kraken X61 (WORKS!)?

    Don't know how but for some reason when i tried to apply Corsair's H110 mounting kit, it actually did fit on my my motherboard. But here's the catch; i had to apply more pressure with screws than i am normally comfortable with. Should i be worried that i might eventually break my cpu or...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] RGB AIO water cooler

    So I found this AIO CPU cooler - Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB and it got me thinking. Can I "chain/connect" the rgb cable (4-pin) to my rgb led strips (4-pin) if they are both supported in the softwave (Gigabyte's RGB fusion)?
  17. D

    Question The BEST AiO Cooler for i9 9900k

    I do wish to overclock the 9900k and i was wondering wich liquid cooler would be the absolute best for achieving the lowest temps. The budget isn't an issue just hit me with the best you got. P.S: the mobo would be MSI Meg Z390 GODLIKE. case: cosmos c700p.
  18. geilo109

    Question Where to connect aio connectors on my board

    Hey, Where do i need to connect my aio connections on my MSI Z170a Xpower Gaming titanium?
  19. D

    Question I7 9700k, what AIO should I get?

    Hey everyone, recently I’ve been thinking of doing major pc upgrades and as one of those upgrades, I thought of getting the 9th gen i7. For this cpu, I was thinking of getting the Corsair H100I V2, but there is much debate between this and other sip coolers such as the kraken series from NZXT...
  20. J

    Question Is there a Strix 1080 Hybrid/AIO Cooler?

    Is there a Strix 1080 Hybrid/AIO Cooler?