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  1. J

    Question New AIO install Bubble noises and Pop Sound RMA or Keep ?

    Hey guys!! I have got a new AIO Deepcool castle EX 360, using for 5 days now and some unusual/wiered things have happened with it after install, i'm not sure if these things are normal or abnormal for a new AIO unit. Please guide me if i should get RMA or keep it. There were two instances of...
  2. Sshorab

    Discussion Courier my Desktop abroad.

    Hi, I'm planning to move abroad and take my desktop along with me, What are the best methods for packing my desktop, to prevent any parts from getting damaged? Mostly concerned over my CASE since it has glass panels. MOBO: Asus Maximus VIII Formula (IK) :rolleyes: CPU: Intel core i5 6400 😢...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Setting AIO Pump Speed / Temp curve.

    So i'm a new AIO user, just got Castle 360EX, i'm bit confused about setting pump speed. I m not able to set a stable pump speed curve for low/idle work loads. I have 3700x and Gigabyte Aorus Elite x570, I'm using gigabyte SIV software to set fan and pump curve. With Fans i have no issue...
  4. Lukeonuke

    Question Why do AIO watercoolers mix aluminium and copper?

    Ive noticed that literaly every AIO water coller has a aluminium radiator and a copper block, but basic knowledge of water colling tells thats a bad idea. Why do manufactures use them when they know that soot will apear on the block or in the radiator
  5. Puddlepuppy

    Question Help with removing stuck backplate?

    Hello all! I recently had a AIO coolr failure and I just purchased a new one to install. I go to replace the backplate and bam! There is some janky metal backplate. I go to pull it off and almost break my nails trying. The screwholders in the front of the (or whatever they are called) look...
  6. J

    Question AIO Choice - Deepcool 360 EX or RGB V2?

    I'm into RGB that i admit and choice here is a bit confusing. I'm bound to buy Deepcool AIO since all my attempts to build a CLC this year went south due to the thing that shall not be named. In my country inventory is short with PC hardware, things like nzxt, corsair, thermaltake are taxed 40%...
  7. A

    Question Plugging two AIOs into one AIO Pump Header

    Hi there, I have recently upgraded my system by water cooling my GPU, using the NZXT G12 with an NZXT Kraken x62, and watercooling my CPU with a ROG Ryuo 120mm. I have the Kraken plugged into the AIO Pump Header and the Ryuo plugged into the CPU Fan Header. Everything is working fine from a...
  8. R

    Question ML240R RGB Temps

    specs: CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 RAM - Hyperx 16GB 2400mhz GPU - GTX 960 OC Case - Phanteks p300 Mobo - msi b450m mortar max This is my first AIO setup and I just wanted to make sure my temps are what you would expect to see on this cooler. I've run some tests and here are the numbers: AIDA 64 FPU...
  9. dennis.lendi

    Question phanteks P300 with 280 AIO

    So i recently upgraded my old i5 to a i7-4790k, when i stress tested it it spiked up to 90C in mere seconds. so i'm planning to upgrade to a AIO, ive looked at the corsair H115I rgb platinum 280. i want to stick with 280 aio since i already have 2 140's in the front of my case. altough i have...
  10. gus323_

    Question Thermal paste on CPU and AIO cooler?

    Hello, I’m building a new pc. I’m getting an I9 with a Corsair h100i cpu cooler. The cooler comes with pre applied thermal paste. My question is would I need to also add thermal paste to my cpu? Or would I be fine without it since the cooler comes with it pre applied?
  11. 1

    Question Is this AIO pump noise normal?

    Hi all, I am new in the water cooling world. I have read people saying water pumps are noisy and others say are inaudible. In charts they are very quiet, with idle noise under 10db.... I have the Corsair H115i PRO RGB, and with the fans off, the pump makes around 30db noise(IDLE). The sound is...
  12. S

    Question Deepcool Captain 240 tubes.

    how durable is the tubing on the Deepcool Captain 240 V2. I was gonna try to flip the pump on the other side of the tubing by passing it between the tubes, but I assumed the tubing my twist where it attaches to the rad too which I guess it doesn't. I realized this and turned back but is that...
  13. D

    Question AIO water cooler pump not running at rated RPM

    Hey all, hopefully someone here can help! So I've been overclocking my built PC that I've had for a while, like 4 years or something. This AIO cooler is consistently running at 1,300 give or take. The rated pump should run at 2500 RPM, aren't these suppose to run at 100% all the time for water...
  14. T

    Question Very high temperatures with coolermaster ml240l.

    Hi, so I currently have a coolermaster ml240l AIO cooling my 9600k which is at stock clock speed with turbo boost on. I have a 240mm radiator with two bequiet silent wing 3 fans on it. I replaced the fans in an attempt to cool the system but it did not work. I am currently idling around the mid...
  15. SchwiKawaii

    Question AM4 AIO Bracket replacement

    Hi, I plan to upgrade my current cpu and motherboard to Ryzen 5 3600x with b450 Steel Legend. I already have an AIO cooler but since the previous motherboard and cpu is for intel, I need to find AM4 bracket for the cooler. The AIO is Asus Ryuo. I searched online for AM4 brackets and as far as I...
  16. V

    Question my cpu has low usage but really high temperatures when playing games

    my cpu has recently started having high temps even though its only being used 50-60% it stays around 70-80 degrees Celsius and im not playing any high demanding games either most of the time i mainly play rainbow six siege at very high settings. and its only my cpu because my gpu stays around...
  17. C

    Question Corsair H150i Pro - Lost Power / No RGB / No rad fan spin

    Hey lads, back again with some more troubleshooting. So, as the title suggest my AIO [ Corsair H150i Pro ] seems to be dying in some way. This is the second instance that this has occurred. - What happens: I will be playing a game and then boom - rgb on the AIO pump goes out - rad fans stop...
  18. L

    Question liquid (AIO) or air for silence (cheap)

    Hello, So I have an r5 3600 which I mainly use for gaming with a GTX 1660ti Cpu is never stressed realy but i care a lot about acoustics especially in idle-browsing (because no headphones) AND I have an open case (Thermaltake Core P3) which makes it worse Looks is also a factor - a metallic...
  19. A

    Question Best cooler under 50$(3500INR) for i5 8400

    Hello i am using stock cooler and its too noisy under load like gaming. My temps are at 80-86C while playing games like Bf1, Apex legends. I tried to do stress test (prime95) and after 2-3min temp sky rocketed almost 100C so i just stopped the stress. I never monitored temps before i am...
  20. A

    Question Stock Air Cooler vs. Liquid Cooler

    I've recently upgraded a few parts of my PC and was wondering if the stock air cooler that came with my new CPU is sufficient or if I should upgrade to an AIO cooler. Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 2070S