Question AIO pump makes weird sound on Boot

Mar 4, 2023
Hi guys, first time using Tom's Hardware.

I have a MSI MAG 280r AIO CPU cooler for my Ryzen 7 5800x. I recently installed it like a week ago on the top of the case, as it was the only position possible for my case.

Please note that this AIO has the pump built into the radiator, so I'm not exactly sure how that will work when it comes to positioning.

Every time I boot up my pc, it begins to make this gurgle/engine sound, it speeds, slows, speeds, and then quiets down after a few minutes. And then the sound is no longer heard, I can hear the pump running quietly after that.

But is this normal? First few fays after installation it did not do that, until like 2 days ago, as well as today. Is the pump running as it should, and is it normal for air to accumulate in the pump before use.

Will this damage the AIO if the pump has to move air every time I boot my pc?

Please, anyone help, I don't want anything to be damaged.

I truly appreciate your help and kindness as to reading this, and responding.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Since the pump is in the radiator, you're advised to have the radiator in a vertical orientation, not horizontal. The latter will introduce an air bubble into the pump causing cavitation. One more thing is that their CoreLiquid AIO's were affected by a bad fluid mixture that caused the coolant to denature and gunk up the cooling block's fins.

Might want to keep an eye on the temps if you want to leave the AIO as is, if temps climb, reorient the AIO and see if that helps. If that still doesn't change temps, then perhaps you need to RMA the cooler.