Compatible Issues with CPU's and GPU's


Jul 6, 2014
Hi, i have one question for all of you PC people. If the motherboard is compatible with CPU and GPU it doesn't matter want brand either of them are? right?

PS: thanks for the help and answers
the card should but you ned to lok at the boards cup compatabilty list to see about the chip ..I'm sure it is but you may need to check the bios release for it [ say the board started with bios 1202 but you see your chip is supported with bios 1210 so your good if the board that you buy is shipped with bios 1210 on it if it ship's with bios 1202 you may be in a little fix]
not to say that any thing is bad or wrong but for me if a new board seems to be getting a lot of bios up dates kinda fast makes me wonder if theres a issue with it that they are trying to resolve? I can see 2 or 4 but 7 ?? seems like a lot for the short time the boards been out [opinion]