Question Computer crashes with no BSOD

Jan 3, 2020
I have an RTX 2070 running along with an R5 2600X not OC'd. My computer randomly crashes for no reason.
There is no BSOD to go along with it.
I recently installed an M.2 SSD and reinstalled windows into it, uninstalling every program and moving it to my other 1tb ssd. This is when the problem occurred.
The effects of the crash are:
  • Some programs that are open when the computer crashes, such as Mozilla Firefox, are able to be used. But if i minimize it, it becomes rendered useless and I am unable to maximize it.
  • Right clicking on the taskbar to open task manager works, meaning, the menu bar for me to click "Task Manager" opens up, but task manager will not open. This also closes the menu bar and leaves a faint and slightly opaque "Task Manager" text box on top of every open program and even my desktop.
  • Clicking on the windows button and sleeping/restarting/shutting my computer down does not work. It only stops SOME of the background processes running.
  • Reliability History shows nothing other than me force shutting my computer down because this is the only way to do it.
  • I un-overclocked my 2600X from 4.0.GHz to its base clock of 3.6GHz. This did not fix the problem.
  • I decreased the speed on my 4x 16 3200 MHz ram from 3000 MHz (because my PC would not post beyond 3K) to 2400 MHz. This did not fix the problem.
  • I moved my M.2 to the second slot in the motherboard, turning off my PCIe wifi card, because I thought that the 2070 on top of the M.2 made it too hot. This did not fix the problem
  • Corsair iCue crashes and turns my RGB fans back to its stock out of the box rainbow mode but Razer Synapse, Asus Aura, EVGA Precision X1 and NZXT CAM don't crash.
  • sfc /scannow showed no errors
  • The crash occurs in game AND on idle when I either and browsing the internet or leaving my computer on. Every time it has crashed is random and I have no way of recreating it.
  • Virus scan showed nothing, just thought I'd check
  • Installing new graphics drivers did not fix the problem
  • running my mouse over taskbar icons does not highlight it
  • Windows search does not show the listed items, but files in my drives are able to be opened
I believe I listed all of the problems, I most likely missed a few. I have no clue how to fix this. Any ideas?