Computer doesnt beep when starting


Oct 22, 2011
Got same prob.PC turns on,no beep etc.Done what everyone has about 5 times now.All I done was give it a spring clean(well autumn clean)Nothing to drastic was done I just gave the dust etc.a blow out.I seem to recall that it all went'Pete Tong'
when my DVD RW stopped reading any disk couldn't even use the vista repair disk,then floppy thought,if he aint working then niether will I.After that it turned nasty & it almost came to blows,me with hammer in hand.Am at a loss as what to do next apart from going out & buying this & that to try which I shouldn't have to & really can't afford to.H-E-L-P!!!!!!!!!! Plz?...........Oh yeah mines an Asus to (suprise,suprise!)