Computer locks up when viewing/editing hi-def videos with new Intel i5


Oct 27, 2009
I just got the Intel i5 CPU and a full-sized Gigabyte mobo. It replaced an older AMD Phenom. I had no problems watching or editing high definition videos before switching over to the new Intel cpu and board.

Now when I try anything with hi-def, the computer locks up and I have to do a re-boot.

I have a few questions.

I have a good name brand 600 psu. It had just the 2x2 molex for the power supply connector for the mobo, which has the 2x4 molex. I can connect the 2x2 in part of the mobo power supply connector. I tried that and no difference. I then got a 2x2 to 2x4 adapter for the motherboard but still no difference.

So, I am thinking about buying a newer 700 watt psu which has the 2x4 molex plug for the mobo power connector. Will that make a difference?

What makes it worse is that before switching to the Intel i5, I first moved to the Intel E8200, which worked fine. The Intel i5 is a much faster processor, plus it is quad core, unlike the E8200, a dual core. BTW, having a quad core is nice.

I can't find anything anywhere that says anything is wrong with the i5. Would there really be a different switching from the E8200 to the i5, which really is a much slower processor.

Any input would be appreciated.


Jul 14, 2009

Yeah, you always want to make sure you can feed the motherboard with as much juice as possible, fill up every power connection.. the adapter should work fine as long as you have good amperage on your power supply..

you should maybe check your RAM for errors..


Jun 14, 2009
Memory Test. - Google Memtest

Temp test. - Try repeating the error with the side of the case off and some good airflow going at it.

Graphics Test. - If you have a graphics card, remove it and try to repeat the error with the onboard video. If you have onboard video, see what you can do about borrowing a PCI-E card, it doesn't have to be good, it just has to work.

Do the lockups occur during any other activity? If only during HD video, there is a chance that a corrupted Codec could be to blame. Re-installing a codec pack may eliminate the issue. Be sure to uninstall any codec pack you may already have installed if you chose to try this.

I wouldn't be worried about the PSU not being strong enough, unless you are running 2-3 Videocards you didn't mention. But it might be faulty. If you can get another one for testing (any PSU will do, unless of course, like I mentioned before, you are running multiple video cards in your box).

And the last course of action (or the first, for some people) reinstall the OS. Problem persists past all of that, and I would return the Mobo and CPU for exchange.