Question Computer Randomly Freezes up for several minutes


Oct 27, 2013
Hello TH.

So I have run into a bit of a problem, which started around 3 or so days ago.

At random moments, but only when I'm pushing to close/open a program, my computer will freeze/hang for 3-5+ minutes. These programs have so far been:

  • Sea of Thieves(Windows 10 requiring video game)
  • Google Chrome (Both opening it and closing it)
  • Pushing the Start button
  • Opening Discord(IM software)
  • Opening Google Drive in a Chrome Browser(This was the worst one to date that caused my mouse to freeze as well, which has yet to happen, after which it switched to black screen. I had to restart)
  • Opening Skype and Steam
The process of the error goes as follows:

  1. Using my PC as per usual
  2. Decide to close or open a program which I do several times a day
  3. Instead of closing it, the computer hangs
  4. The program I'm trying to tamper with freezes first, then a second thing, and a third, and a forth, until the whole PC is frozen in place. Mouse usually stays active and usable(except for 1 instance)
  5. The computer will be stuck like this for up to 3-5 minutes, before suddenly snapping back to attention, where every click, keystroke, or command I did while it was frozen, happens all at once.
I've checked every area for an error message, but I can't find any anywhere. Even on the more rarely used Reliability History Monitor, do I see nothing out of the ordinary, and my reliability sits at a solid 7/10, which according to the average, is pretty good.
I've tried scanning my Windows harboring HDD for any errors or faults, but the scan came back with 0 problems of any kind.

According to my computer's built-in diagnostics tools, it is in perfect health, yet despite updating every last driver I have, updating windows until there were no more updates to be had, defragmenting and cleaning up my HDD, my PC will still randomly hang for minutes at a time, with seemingly no way to get rid of it other than 1) restarting, or 2) be patient and wait/hope for it to snap out of it.

Any suggestions/troubleshooting tips would be helpful.


Apr 13, 2019
What is your PC motherboard, GSU, PSU, RAM? Have you made any changes or upgrades recently? You should test your RAM memtest86 . You may also be having a overheating issue. Check your case is cleaned of accumulated dust, especially your PSU intake, fans and vents. It could also be due to a PSU failing.

You should also open task manger and monitor your disk and CPU usage.
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Oct 27, 2013
I'll try and test my RAM

I have made no recent upgrades

I cleaned out my PC of dust recently

No signs of overheating. I tried monitoring it and the software I use has a nifty 'highest temperature recorded' function. It showed the highest being 54 degrees C. So not really that hot.

I will try and see if it's a RAM problem. I just had to reboot my PC cause Google drive black screened me.