Question Computer won't boot or boots and shuts down after a few seconds

Dec 4, 2019
MOBO : Motherboard MSI MPG Gaming Edge Wifi X570

RAM: GSkill Trident Z RGB F4-3000C16D-16GTRZ DDR4 3000Hz 2x8

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X

GPU: NVidia 1080Ti

PSU: Gygabite GP-G750H

Cooling unit: Kraken x62 Cooling Fan

Everything is ready and set up. The computer booted up fine in the beginning, everything was being powered on. I went in the bios and turned on GameBooster and before I could exit, the computer turned off. After that, when I was clicking on the power button, the compouter would power on for 2 seconds and turn off.

Here's the list of things I did and their results:

Checked all the connections and made sure the parts were all well installed. --- The computer booted for 2 seconds and shut down again.

I reset the CMOS battery --- The computer worked for another 3 minutes and then shut down again on its own

I removed the ram and only plugged one of them back in slot 2 A2 --- The computer worked fine until windows installation, where it went on for another 5-6 minutes and then shut down on its own again.At this point, whenever I was trying to boot the computer, you could see that power was being sent because an LED on my GPU was being turned on, but only for a half-second, then everything remained shut down.

I touched every part to see if they were overheating and nothing seemed hot. The cpu was perfectly cool. --- The computer now only

I moved the computer to a different spot in the house to see if it was the outlet --- The pc now only lit up the RGB LED on the ram stick...

I removed every plug and plugged everything back in (cpu, fans, psu, etc.) --- Pc still only lit up the RGB.

I'm seriously confused as to what I have to do and what is going on.

PC Tailor

Welcome to the forums my friend!

I would cover each and every step in this guide as a first port of call (even though you have already done some of them). But also play close attention to the CPU pins and inspect for any damage.

If the guide above yields no results at all, I would breadboard the system entirely, which would mean removing everything from the case and booting up outside of the case with just the MB, CPU, CPU Cooler, 1 stick of RAM (and in your case,the GPU, although a lower power one would be better if you have a spare).