Computer Wont boot with RAM inserted


Nov 26, 2011
Good Eevening,
I'm having a boot problem on my pc. I have a skt 478 Intel Desktop Board D875PBZ. With the RAM inserted if i plug the power cable , the fans work for 2 secs and then stop. the pc wont boot and nothing appens pushing the power button. After safelly remove the power cable, i opened the pc and remove the 2 DDR ram instaled, and then plug again the power cable, when i do this the computer starts to beep continuously (high and low beep's) and nothing shows up at the monitor. I tried to google it and appears to be a CPU problem (could this be right?), or is it a RAM problem? I've already tried to change to another slot the RAM, but the problem presist.

Any sugestions? :)
Thanks! (and sorry for the bad english :p)


Jun 8, 2011
Sorry about ur computer
I suggest you get some cheap ram and make sure the ram sticks you have arent fried
if it doesent boot up still after you bought the ram it could be your motherboard video chip or go to your local pc specialist to see what he thinks