Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

I've had my eye on this cooler for a while to replace my Xiggy, now that its in my hands and I've had a chance to look it over, I cannot help but say I'm seriously impressed with it, the mounting bracket assembly allows 180 degree mounting, so no matter the socket orientation, you can mount front to rear or bottom to top airflow, the choice is yours.

I bought a second Cooler Master 120mm fan for a push pull setup as I had previously had with my Xiggy, I was concerned about the fan mounting brackets as Newegg showed a picture of them being wire, but this must be a newer version because they're very durable plastic that screw to the 120mm fans mounting holes and clips to the heat sink, and it is snug!

This is going to be a remove the motherboard installation and unfortunately because of previous obligations I'm going to have to wait to do it, but I wanted to share how well the heat sink is made and designed.

I'll probably take pictures of the installation if you guys are interested, and will do some comparison cooling tests between the Xiggy and the Hyper 212+, the Xiggy was modified and lapped, but I'm in hopes the Cooler Master seriously out performs the Xiggy.

Anyhow more to come if you guys are interested? Ryan


I have one of these in one of my systems. It is parked on top of a Phenom II 965 BE. Only needs one fan to keep very cool and quiet. Pain to mount, but the performance makes up for the hassle. I am a Zalman fan (no pun intended) usually, but I have been impressed with this device. Good luck!


Hi 4ryan6, nice to see u here.

I did my installation guide of the Hyper 212+ few moths ago, u can see it here

And I think that the picture that newegg have in the item product is from the old hyper 212.

Excellent walk through man, pictures are crystal!

It looks cramped inside your case, what case is that?

What were your temperature differences from the stock AMD cooler to the Hyper 212+?

Why don't you change the title to, "Installing the Cooler Master Hyper 212+", and sticky it, you have the power to do that now and it looks great to me, I would have done it for you, had I known about it.

You might want to include a slow load warning, the pics are so large someone on a dial up connection would probably take 30 min to load.


It's a Thermaltake V9 a little crap case, but import a Dragon Lord K62 to my country is expensive :)

The temps with the stock cooler was 38-40 in idle, with the Hyper 212+ are 28-30C in idle and 50C max in load.

I don't sticky the thread for not abuse of my mod power...:)
Thanks to saint19's guide and pics, installing the 212+ was a breeze, I really liked the insulated steel back plate as there will be no M/B warping with that plate installed, and the heat sink hold down clamping system is quite ingenious.

It replaced a Xigmatek HDT S-1283 modified cooler, it had been lapped and a second 120mm fan added for a push pull setup, the thermal compound used was Artic Silver 5.

The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ replacement was ordered with an identical Cooler Master 120mm fan, for a push pull setup as well.

Keeping in mind the existing Xiggy was fully AS5 seated and I also used AS5 on the Hyper 212+, the desktop to idle temperature improved by 3c with the Hyper 212+, however the prime95 load was 1c higher than the Xiggy, once the AS5 is cured in an seated that load temp will improve.

Overall I'm very pleased!

I do have one kit improvement note to add:

When mounting the back plate on the AM2/AM3 socket M/B, it would have been nice if Cooler Master had added 4 positioning washers, to make up the difference of the screw size to the original motherboard mounting holes, you have to be careful in positioning the plate in the proper place, as there is a lot of free play that nylon positioning washers would have eliminated.

Other than that note, IMO the mounting assembly kit is as close to perfect as you can get! Ryan
Heres a performance update and its a little disappointing, the load temp did not improve it got 1c worse with the same ambient room temperature, this was comparing the Hyper 212+ performance against against the Xigmatek S-1283 that was lapped, and a 2nd 120mm fan added for a push > pull setup.

So I pulled the CMH212+ and lapped it, reinstalled to exactly the same results, however the Xiggy was sporting higher CFM fans so that will be my next possibility along with changing to a different TIM than AS5, I was hoping for much better results from this new heat sink.

Out of the box performance it beat the Xiggy, but lapped performance it doesn't beat the Xiggy, and if any of you decide to lapp your Cooler Master Hyper 212+, you need to be extremely careful and don't use any coarser sand paper than a 600 grit to cut, because you do not have far to go to get the lap you're after.

In all actuality this heat sink design should be 100% killer in the performance area, the heat pipes are staggered for good airflow, the hold down clamp system is excellent, once its installed, removal is easy, I pulled it, lapped it, and re-installed it in 1hr, that was nice!

Both heat sinks were on fan controllers independently controlled, so there is no system fan fluctuation, even though I run AMDs C&Q disabled anyway.

Well this is just a performance report, when any new improvements arise I will pass the results on to any of you interested in this thread. Ryan

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