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  1. Hellfire_helix

    Question Can Bent CPU Pins prevent the Power Supply from turning on?

    So when I was installing my CPU (Athlon 200GE) into the AM4 socket of my Mobo ( Msi A320M VD/s Pro v2) I had few of the pins accidentally bent but I made sure that none of them broke and got stuck inside the socket. Now I am having a weird problem. WHEN I TRY TO POWER MY PC WITHOUT THE...
  2. A

    Question How do I figure out the specifications of my laptops cpu?

    I can't seem to find out what socket it is and how many MHZ it runs at. How do I find this out? I've got a Toshiba Satelite c655 running windows 7 ultimate.
  3. T

    Question Can i Change motherboard in Dell t3400?

    hi! i have a Dell precision T3400 with Core 2 Duo processor. i want to change this processor with core i7 3rd gen, Can i change it's motherboard with LGA1155? If i can change then which One. ATX or Micro ATX????
  4. D

    Question Is it possible to fix my mobo's broken CPU socket pins?

    i damaged it by not knowing how to put back the cpu cover. Here are the images. View:
  5. C

    Question Looking for Ultimate rendering computer 4 cpu (10k budget) maybe quad raytracing gpus too

    So I need a cpu beast of an computer for work, I have multiple clients and i need to be able to make changes in animations photo realistic shots. And rerender them for the client like I have a 9900k/gtx 1080 but images takes about 4hrs for one photo so imagine 1000 frame video( i lower res now...
  6. electro_neanderthal

    [SOLVED] Is Socket 771 System Still A Capable Modded Minecraft Server

    Essentially, there's an ad for a $10 server; has everything but the ram and second CPU. Even if I have to buy them myself, that's $30ish more. RAM I can get for dirt cheap. I also want to set up a small test database for homework and stuff as well. Is it worth even bothering with this?
  7. C

    Question AM3+ was put in AM3 without breaking a pin, will the CPU still work in AM3+ slot?

    I placed AM3+ CPU inside AM3 socket (no pin was broken!), and powered the PC (which didn't boot). Will the CPU still work in a AM3+ socket (on another motherboard)?
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Buying an old motherboard

    My mobo (msi b250m pro-vd) decided to stop working almost 2 weeks ago and since then I've learnt I can't just buy any mobo. I have an Intel i5-7400 so most mobo's are incompatible (according to the guy at memory express) but I've looked at mobo's that support 8th and 9th gen intel's, but they...
  9. T

    Question 3rd gen instead of 2nd gen cpu

    i have 2nd gen pentium g620 cpu and i want to upgrade to i5 3570 3rd gen cpu, they have same sockets(lga 1155) and my motherboard supports 2nd gen. is it possilbe? if not, i would be happy is you recomennd me a cpu for low end gaming. note: i dont want to change my...
  10. E

    Question Broken AM3+ Socket?

    Was removing heatsink and pulled out cpu along with it without the lever from AM3+ socket being released, presumably happned because the cpu was welded to the heatsink with thermal paste. Will that have damaged the cpu socket and/or the cpu as the board doesn't seem to be posting when new cpu...
  11. R

    Question Different internet speed depending on which socket i put my ethernet cable in?

    I should be getting about 60mbs, however i only get about 30mbs with my ethernet cable. And if i put my ethernet cable in a different socket in my room it goes to 2mbps ?? Why is this?
  12. C

    Question i5-650 CPU installed on 1155 motherboard then attempted boot

    Hi, I know bad things will happen here but since my cousin will do it so it's fine. His plan is to install the i5-650(1156 scoket) on a Motherboard that supports 1155. What could possibly happen when he attempts it to boot?
  13. XFatalX

    Question Cpu Socket Spark

    I had my motherboard powered on with no cpu in socket but when it powered on I saw a spark in the socket as if 2 barbs were touching. How bad can this be?? Will I need a new motherboard? It all still powers on and everything seems to work i have yet to get my new cpu to test it out😔. Hope it...
  14. C

    Question i5 3470s fit on this motherboard

    I have a motherboard asus P8H61-M LX3 PLUS R2.0 (LGA1155) does the i5-3470s fit? I already have i3-3220 and will buy i5-3470s in a few days
  15. P

    Question PC still working with broken pin

    I accidentally broke a pin when trying to clean the socket. But after assembling the pc , it works and i even did a cinebench test and its even above average for a i7 2600k. Should i be worried?
  16. R

    Question PC not booting up after swapping CPU cooler

    Hi! So I bought a noctua NH-D15 to replace my stock ryzen wraight cooler, when I was taking the wraight cooler off the cpu came out with it, and i noticed that maybe 2-3 pins were bent, i straightened them with a tiny screwdriver and the cpu was able to fit back into the socket, secured it into...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Can any processor use any type of RAM as long as the motherboard supports it?

    Can any processor use any type of RAM (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5) as long as the motherboard has the correct socket for the type of RAM? Or is it dependent on the memory controller in the CPU?
  18. L

    Question Bent socket pins lga 1155

    So, recently I had this thread going on and this exact problem. and further on guy at the repairing service told me thst my cpu socket pins are bent. Couls thst be true, well they are bent but only in slight...
  19. A


    Yikes! I bent some pins in the CPU socket, and I put a used core (i7-3770) in the LGA 1155 Socket, Dell Optiplex 790. There was no video output, but the signal was fine. I put in the old core, and there was still no video. I will supply some pictures below. Image 1 Image 2 Could it really be...
  20. L

    [SOLVED] Fan LED only lights up when cpu underload

    i have two red LED 120mm fans as exhaust at the top of my case, the one on the right stays brightly lit up all the time no problem, for some reason the one on the left only lights up when cpu is under load? it isn't a PWM fan it is just a cheap Game max one i got from ebay. i am using a splitter...