Question Bent CPU pin? System Hard Freeze!

Jul 28, 2020
I've Intel Core 2 Duo 3.14Ghz CPU on LGA 775.

My PC hard freeze sometimes. On freeze, the system becomes unresponsive, whatever was on screen is frozen, and I hear a horrendous screeching noise. The sound is an awful jumble of high pitched noises. It's loud and quite annoying. It continues forever until I shut off power to my PC.
The keyboard/mouse become unresponsive, the caps lock key no longer lights, the power/reset buttons won't work - the only solution is shutting off the power via the power supply.

This problem has been started since Dec 2019.

Ever since then, it will freeze randomly, sometimes after an hour, sometimes not for days.

I don't know where's the issue.
I think I've bent some CPU socket pins while cleaning .
Here's the socket IMG:

Is CPU pins bent? I couldn't find it.

How can I know exact cause of this problem?
In event viewer it shows kernel critical error ID 41 task 63 and Microsoft setup stopped error code 0x000CDxxxx(I don't remember correctly).
Is it a PSU problem? My PSU is 200W only. I'm gonna buy Antec 400W PSU next week.
If I update my BIOS, will it solve my problem?

PC specs are:
2x2GB DDR2 800Mhz
2 Fans(stock cooler & back case)
MOB -MSI-G31 P21

Comments/Answers are appreciated!!
Jul 28, 2020
check cpu/gpu temp?
old pc usually is overheat or psu issue
Thanks for instant reply.
Yeah, I've checked CPU and GPU temps.
CPU temps fluctuate between 45-65°C(idle/ load)
GPU temps stays between 45-70°C.

Currently, I've opened up PC again for cleaning. :D
Ambient temps stays around 35-37°C.
I've seen ambient and CPU temp in BIOS.