Cooler Master Thermal Paste or Stock TP?

I've ordered a Mugen2 for the 1366 socket...I've heard great reviews about it.
Should I use the paste that comes with it in a lil tube, or should I use my own
Cooler Master thermal paste in a syringe?

I know that the ones you buy yourself is usually better, but the Mugen2 had very good reviews,
so maybe their TP is good as well?


Apr 16, 2009
EDIT: Sorry i said Nocuta for some reason, lol. My friend's gaming rig Ci7 920 has a MUGEN II with the suppied thermal paste. His temps aren't that high at all.
ah, I see. lol

Yeh, Mugen2 is a great cooler. The heatsinks and fan are great. But I wonder if I still can get even better cooling with cooler-master TP.

O well, I don't think it really matters right? At the max, TP only affects maybe 2-3'C temperature change?