[SOLVED] Cooling Configuration for Best Air Flow


Jun 10, 2017
Hi all,
I have a question about the best configuration of the fans for my system for maximum air flow. I will upload an image of the current configuration but any pointers would be much appreciated as I have had input from a few people and everyone differs. so I can't make up my mind. I am edging towards

1 person says I should have the rear fan and front fans on intake and side fans as intake over CPU and RAM, exhaust over GPU
Another person says both side fans exhaust, rear fan intake and front intake.
Final person has said front and side as intake and rear as exhaust as PSU is also an exhaust so it should even out well then.

Suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated. Cheers

Click here for current setup however, temps appear to be higher than they were before I reversed the fan over the GPU.

I hope the image makes sense, I tried to colour code and key it properly

Please note, I am planning on adding another hard disk at some point and mounting it between the 2.5" drive and the top 3.5" drive - have both the 2.5" and the new drive (which I intend on being 2.5") horizontal, directly below the top 3.5" drive. And yes, the GPU is very close to being too big for this case, it is a R9-280X 3GB and it actually prutrudes in between the SSD and the 2.5X drive, almost reaching the front of the case (image not to scale). It is a dual slot card that sucks air from the BOTTOM of the case and blows it through the heatsync and out of the top of the card.
2 points to correct in the image: It is supposed to say 2 x DDR3 16GB and the front fans are inside the front panel of the case behind an air filter that is built into the case. It isn't an expensive case, just a cheap midi tower case. The rest of my specs are in my signature.