Dec 20, 2012
Hello everyone,

I am building (Getting someone to build for me) a custom PC with the following specs:

Intel Core I7 3770k standard 3.5Ghz and wanting to overclock to around 4.7Ghz

Asus Rampage Iv Extreme LGA 2011 Motherboard

Nvidia Geforce GTX680 Superclocked

Samsung 840 Series SSD 250 Gb or something

Seagate Barracuda 7200 3 Tb

Corsair Vengeance 16Gb DDR3

Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Case

I need to know what form of cooling i.e Water cooling etc. Brands and models etc.

Thanks a lot everybody. I am eager to hear your expert advice! :D




Feb 1, 2012
Guys, the problem isn't the cooling somethings actually wrong with the case or something. My friend has the same mobo and similar settings, and his is overclocked and @ lower tempertures. Something is wrong, I want to know what not looking for a new water cooling system.

Well aware of that, just when I was buying the RX version was prohibitively expensive.
Besides, its still a triple rad with push/pull fans for a CPU thats likely putting out only 85W. My idle temp is dependent on room temperature, think I'v got cooling covered.

Speaking of, that may be the difference. If your house is 5c hotter and more humid, then your temps will rise in turn.
Another factor may be the fact there is no aftermarket cooling on it yet. The Intel stock cooler isn't exactly good by any stretch.

Wait, is this build still being made or is it built already?

if it is built, what temps are you getting? Have you properly tested (Prime95, Furmark) or are you just going off an idle or gaming load?

EDIT: Also what is actually in it. Because that parts list you posted before is incompatible, you wont get a working build from that. Just that LGA2011 CPU's have a TDP of 130W, while an Ivy LGA155 has a TDP of 77W. So a fair difference in heat output.


As manofchalk stated, you´ve pícked the wrong motherboard -- the I7 3770K fits with a LGA 1155 motherboard like ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77

For the cooling system, get the Corsair H100i, which is a new and better version of the H100

I would not get the Samsung 840 Series SSD 250 GB, as it uses TLC NAND, which wear out faster than MLC NAND based SSDs

If you like Samsung, then get the Samsung 840 Pro Series version as it is MLC NAND based,3302.html




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