Question Could this be affecting my sound quality?

Dec 20, 2019
I have a Logitech G430 headset and these headphones have a volume controller on their cord. At each of its ends there is a some plastic covering the cord. A couple of weeks ago I discovered that the upper plastic is loose, while the other one is fine (it is just a little bit shaky) .
I would like to know if this may be affecting my sound quality since I noticed that my headphones are not as loud as they used to be. They are still all right, but there has been a deterioration in sound quality. Furthermore, I would like to know whether trying to glue that plastic thing to the volume controller would help or if there is anything else that I could do to fix this.
P.S. : Sorry if what I said is a little bit unclear, but I cannot put it better into words. I will try to clarify anything that you may not understand.


Plastic covering the cord, you are talking about the actual connector part? Just having the covers on the connector loose won't affect anything, if the actual wire is loose or some are touching that should not be then that could cause an issue. It may also be that the volume control is bad. Did you try contacting Logitech support to see what they say?