Apr 28, 2009
i have a q6600 on an asus p5q pro p45 mobo, packed in an antec 900 case. i want to be able to overclock my q6600 to at least 3.2ghz on air. can i get some suggestions as to what heatsink/fan to get? i need something that's below $50 preferably
No one can tell u how much u can OC,read the guide and it will help u :

temp guide:

For CPU cooler,there is Thermaltake V1 which costs $60

I have it and i am very happy with it,i have my Q6600 @ 3.4 with 1.425 voltage and idle core temps are 35c and full load temp is 55-58,i'm happy with the way it performs ;)


Dec 6, 2008
you have more choices...check newegg (if you are form US as I assume you are) and all decent cooler are up to $60
for example:
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 - old but still one of the best, easy to get even with 120 mm fan, need of retention bracket
Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme - probably most recommended haetsink by oc community, sometimes bit complicated to find it in retail, you have to buy 120 mm fun as extra
Noctua NH-U12P - austrian thing, very good, bit pricey
Zalman 9900LED - surprise from zalman - back to good, nice looking, very good cooling, quite, bit pricey like Noctua

other coolers to check - OCZ vendetta 2, Sunbeam Core Contact frezer....

I had intention to buy thermalright ultra 120, but I didn´t find it and guy in retail store convinced me to give a second chance to zalman. I picked up Zalman 9900LED (775,am2, 1366 socket ready), full copper and one thing more, because of its shape it is blowing directly on NB, SB ring around CPU socket and cools it too (I have asus p5q-e, your pro is similar) results: q6600 at 3.6 (vcore 1.41) temps 63-63-60-60, 24/7 rock stable (12+ hours at prime 95 small ftt, 24h at prime 95 blend, 12h+ at occt)