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  1. B

    Question Need to repaste?

    Hi. I am building my pc now, and I have unmounted the cpu cooler because I can't install the RAM. Now I need to clean and repaste the cpu or I can reinstall the cpu cooler? Will be wrong if I will reinstall the cooler? It was not used, or burned the paste. Help :D
  2. G

    Question Is AMD using glue as a thermal compound?

    I've been using my Ryzen 7 1700 with the stock cooler and stock thermal compound for 6 months. I decided to replace the thermal compound today. I loosened the 4 screws completely but the cooler wasn't letting go. I ended up ripping the CPU from the socket and I had to use a knife to pry the...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Arctic Silver 5 vs Arctic MX-4

    Hello everyone. Recently, I just bought a tube of Arctic MX-4 thermal paste to re-apply on my graphics card. But today I just found out that I already got a tube of Arctic Silver 5 in my house. The AS5 must have been not less than 5 years old now from when I recall buying it. The package has...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] Unique dilema.Is it safe to replace thermal paste(remove cooler) if some of motherboard socket pins were bent

    Hi. I'm giving my older pc to my nephew and before that i want to replace thermal paste on cpu and gpu as it's at least 2-3 years old. socket 1155, 3570k, ASRock Z77 Pro4. Here are my dilemas: 2-3 years ago I managed to bend pins(1 or 2) on the mobo then it didnt post and as 1155 socket was...
  5. TJ Hooker

    [SOLVED] Conductonaut vs Liquid Ultra for delid

    Hi folks, I'm considering delidding my 6700K, and comparing Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra to Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal pastes for between the die and IHS. I'm not necessarily asking which will provide the absolute best thermal performance, as from what I can find they should be...
  6. BlazingAngels

    Question Returning Logitech Z207 Speakers

    I have submitted a return on Amazon for my new Logitech speakers and marked them defective but I noticed some weird crud where amplifier is and not sure if it is from something I did or it came that way from the manufacturer. I nervous about sending them back because Amazon might claim that I...
  7. J

    Question Ethernet connection not working on PC startup

    Almost every time I turn on my PC my ethernet connection does not allow me to actually use the internet, I have tried re installing my ethernet driver multiple times, using a different port on my router, but the only thing that makes it work is if I unplug the ethernet cable from the pc for...
  8. C

    Question Displayport to DVI 144hz?

    I've seen many people saying some active adapters work and other saying they don't. Everyone seems to be saying different things so it's hard to find a clear answer. Will I need an 'active' adapter or a normal one? And if so where should I get one from? thanks
  9. L

    Question AM4 motherboard bent pins???

    Help me please!!! Today I was cleaning a used asus b350plus to build my new pc with ryzen 5 1600. The cpu installed fine before cleaning, bug afer cleaning it made a cracking noise when closing and lifting the lever. Lifting was a bigger crack. I then noticed when I put the lever down the...
  10. K

    Question Black screen problem

    When I turn on my PC, after 5-10 mins my mouse starts lagging, the PC freezes and the screen goes black, mouse and keyboard become unresponsive and the sound start to stutter after approx. 30 secs and then completely cuts off. This only happens when the PC is booted in normal mode, but in safe...
  11. J

    Question Watching 4k movies on a 1440p monitor.

    I am buying a new 1440p monitor tomorrow and am wondering if I will be able to watch 4k files (and if they will look good) or should I just stick to 1080p movies.
  12. J

    [SOLVED] accessing all partitions from a hard drive that is converted into an external hard drive

    hello i'm new here and I'm in need of help. Recently my laptop died. when it was alive, had 2 drives, c: and d:. I opened it up and i was able to salvage the harddrive (which works), but there was only 1 drive. I'm guessing the drive was partitioned into c: and d:.. I had a lot of important...
  13. G

    Question Best non chiclet bluetooth keyboard?

    Greetings. I am looking for a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet. But I hate chiclet keyboards. Is there a full sized standard keyboard that uses bluetooth? I've thought about a micro usb to usb adapter and try to use a standard keyboard but all I see on Amazon is OTC cables, what ever that is...
  14. A

    Question Suggestions for a mouse pad?

    I haven't had a mouse pad for many years. I was on a smooth drafting table and didn't need one. I have recently switched venues and am in need of one. Kind of thinking of trying one of these xl versions that has room for my mouse and keyboard. I see some have stitched edges and others do...
  15. J

    Question So my cat urinated on my computer..

    Hello, has the title says my cat urinated in my Desktop. Most of it went into the GPU, now the PC doesnt turn on while the Gpu is plugged on the mobo (Even without PSU cables into gpu it doesnt turn on) now im wondering which component to replace. My gtx 1060 doesnt have backplate
  16. Mo.R

    Question Gtx 1060 quietness

    Hi, I want to know if the Gtx 1060/ti is a quiet card.if there are could you give me the names. I'm not looking for single fan ones, due to dual and triple look better in my opinion. Thanks
  17. ostar

    Question My Computer Is Making A Weird Whistle Sound

    <MODERATOR EDIT> A condition of acquiring a new Membership is that you were required to read and agree to our Terms Of Use and Forum Rules! Read First: Forum Rules: Please don't... • Post in ALL CAPS or use...
  18. K

    Question Driver question related to 2 very similar motherboards.

    Hello, first post here because I cannot find this question answered anywhere else and I'm a bit confused about something. I'm currently just doing a little "Spring cleaning" of my PC (updating drivers, getting rid of stuff, checking for viruses and etc) and I came across something that confuses...
  19. MarshTheBacca

    Question How can I Create a Shortcut to a Specific Page in the Control Panel?

    I find myself going into control panel to get to 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall' quite often, and I think it'd save me some time to just create a shortcut on my desktop that I can just double click to instantly get to that window. I've tried manually creating a...
  20. F

    [SOLVED] Setting up dual montior.

    Need some simple answers, and maybe a link to buy. I currently have gtx 1050ti with 1hdmi 1dp and 1dvi, HDMI is used for my main and looking to setup a second, but my second monitor doesn't have dp, could I get a hdmi to dp and would it allow me to use my second montior?