Jul 12, 2021
I am running at 4700 (mhz) and 1.325 voltage in Ryzen Master (Basic View).

My temps were at 88c, is that normal for my cooler? I reapplied my thermal paste several times and ended up with the X application method.

They were hitting 90c with my default bios settings at first using furmark but I was looking at msi afterburner for the temps in that moment.

In the beginning I installed my cooler with the thermal paste that came with it which was pre applied to the heatsink and I could swear I was getting lower temps, around 70 overclocked but I don't remember the exact temps and I don't know if my bios settings changed and effected my settings because I reset it.


Distinguished Max temp 90 c. So you reached that. Have you checked your heatsink/AIO mount? It shouldn't move if you try to wiggle it. I'm not familiar with Furmark CPU burner. How does it look like in OCCT?
Those voltages seem a bit high. I don't remember exactly what max voltage is for 5000-series but it's below 1.325v. Somewhere around 1.275-1.3v. Have you figured out your FIT? Do that first.
I think I would try a different pasting method then the X pattern.
A large Pea size in the center is still what I use but I help the spread by moving the pump head a little bit in all directions without lifting it off the processor then tighten down the pump head
on my corsair pumps using the stock mobo retention brackets as you are.
Look at the pic below you will see with the X pattern it has a chance of not covering where it needs it most.

Between the 2side by side dies is supposed to be where a lot of the heat comes from, at least thats what I have seen from Overclocker Der8auer.
So Thats why I would Change the Pasting method.

Did you install the Icue software for the cooler? and Are you running your pump speed on extreme? and fans on Balanced or extreme for this test which I have never used that test.
Running P95 Small fft's with No Avx's or Aida64 Fpu test Only would maybe give everybody a better idea of your cooling results.