CPU cooler: suck or blow air?



I would like to get this CPU cooler (http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-tx3/) due to it being better than the stock cooler and its ease of installation but I have three questions.

When I'm install the CPU cooling, so I'm looking down at the motherboard with the back of the case to my left and the front panel to my right, do I put the fan on the left or right side and should it suck air out or blow air in??

I have seen the odd review of the plastic pins breaking. Is this just the persons own fault while installing it or is it something that could happen to me?

Then my last question is in the future can I change the fan if I wanted to? Can the metal clips on the fan be taken off and put on a different fan so I could put the new one on if need be?

Thanks community


Will this CPU cooler stay in my case when I stand it up, there is no chance of it snapping off later when things get hot?

Use the clips again? Does the metal clips stay on the cooler when you take the fan off or do they come off when you pull the fan off and is the fan a 120mm one?


May 8, 2012

Yes, dense air cools better than sparse air so you want the fan blowing into the heat sink. As he says then out the back of the case.

May I recommend the new standard in air coolers? The Cryorig H7? I recommended it to a friend and it installs super easy, runs cool and quiet and clears any RAM for it does not overhang the RAM sticks. It has mounting arms that you simply move with your fingers to match AMD or Intel CPUs.
You can change the fan without problems, most of the time they use plastic pins. The pins make a 90 degree turn clockwise to get in (there are arrows on them) and if they are turned in before you insert the cooler into the motherboard slots, it won't get in, so you can't actually make a mistake. Also you cant install it wrong pretty much. And if you are using a non overclockable CPU why would you invest in aftermarket cooling?



Lower temps slightly and quieter fan noise. As the stock cooler only just barely does the job.



Does it come with two metal brackets so I could put an a fan on the left side to suck out the air out toward the back exhaust fan to keep air flow moving. Thou this would mean I could only put one fan into the CPU fan header, is there a adapter that will allow me to put two fans into the CPU fan header so both can be controlled by the system.


60c is already a low temperature for an i5. I would personally just allow the CPU to get a little warmer and not spend any money - the fan that's included with it will be louder than Intel's fan at idle. 80-90c is still well within the safe range for an Intel CPU, and lowering the temps further will provide no benefit.

It's probably a better value to up-front purchase a CPU cooler with a high quality fan, because a good fan will cost you $15-20 alone.

If you still want to go with the Coolermaster, fans suck in air from the side that is open, and push air out the side that has the motor, so you'll want the cooler oriented so the fan is on the right side, blowing air toward the back of the case, where you probably have a fan pushing air out of the case.

The cooler should be safe in any reasonable situation, but if shipping the computer (or throwing it around) you might want to take the cooler off.

To properly mount it: The push-pins can be turned 90 degrees to "lock" or "unlock" them. You want to put them in the locked position, then apply pressure and push them through the mounting holes in the motherboard until they "click".



From videos I have seen it has a back plate